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Daria and Jane at the altar

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This isn't a fanboy fantasy. This scene was really in a Daria episode. More specific, it's from the Daria sarcasm-o-tron introductions.

I think there are five of them and are hard to find. I found them on the internet on Youtbe (now deleted). Many are really funny and put Daria and Jane in unusual situations (gothic, childish, nude and horrific).
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Sarcastathon 2000.
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:icondariaplz::iconphoneplz::iconsaysplz:Hello, Mrs Manson? I had that dream again.
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Wait wait wait, this really happened? This was really in an episode?
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It's one of the episode's special introduction. Visible in the new dvds collection.
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One of the episodes? Any specific ones?
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Its not canon, it's a Daria day intro.
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Oh, right. I see. 

Thank you very much for the heads up :)
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this is epic!!! i love it love it love it!!!!!!
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Jane Lane? a tuxedo?...I'll...I'll be in my b-b-b-bunk...
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Looks like a far away conclusion to a Daria fan fiction I wrote
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jane looks great in a tux! is she the groom or a ring bearer?

sorry. s'been ages since i saw the show. ^^;
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haha,Thats Skasome
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Daria sarcasm-o-tron introductions... Is there no more links?
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Huh, its kinda unexpected, damn never saw that happening.

I J Signing Off.
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Believe it or not but im working on the kiss now. B)
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Ohhh really?

I J Signing Off.
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Oh my god, dude. I can't tell you how much I approve of this.
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I don't think Daria would ever wear a dress. LOL
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