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April 1, 2012
Mask of Fluffington by ~ChristmasSocks. An imaginative, humorous concept painted with great skill and attention to detail. Meow!
Featured by alicexz
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Mask of Fluffington

This picture represents the inner feline in all of us waiting to break loose and roam the jungles, HA PSYCHE, it's just a cat hiding behind a mask.
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Kitty Cats always trying to walk all over or break all of your art. Lol
MistakeNot's avatar
The mask really looks like sunny from Irobot...
Hyenax's avatar
Creepy at first, but then cute when you realise what it is =)
Dante7979's avatar
ShyDandere's avatar
This is so freaking cool like AHHHHH OMG AWESOME.
dixiedukes's avatar
Original very saavvy
Sovietfuturistic's avatar
Haha i think it was something creepy but it's just a kitten's eyes <3

Very nice Art.
Angry-and-furious's avatar
Strange... But I like it.
WoodLily's avatar
This is very good! I love masks!
alexiablueee's avatar
Wow really good effect n.n
BillCiphersChild's avatar
how do you do this love your art
Tetrismede's avatar
Thi is awesome! *_*
Callendra's avatar
I love the concept and the realization! =O Awesome!
JoHanniBanani's avatar
The cat is very cute. I love this
celestialenvy's avatar
This is way too cute, the little footprints got me.
AthenaTT's avatar
STOLEN? Someone has taken your art and is selling it on light switch covers here [link] probably without your permission
ChristmasSocks's avatar
Thanks for letting me know. Yes it was stolen. I never use ebay so I'm not sure I can do anything about it.
AthenaTT's avatar
You can report it this way [link] there are probably other ways too but this might get you help asap - be sure to send them that link to your stolen art
LaLadayCavalier's avatar
I LOOOOVE it! And the art is so great too! Seriously!
Gravesbane's avatar
amazing work. i must admit, at 1st i thought it was a photo of an actual mask. super details :)
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