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A Seals best friend

Please Full Veiw!

I hope this is in the right category...

Anyways, this is for a special friend, `tobyf! Not only is his character adorable, but he himself is grand. :aww: He deserves many things, but I'll just start it off with a picture. ;P

I decided that I don't like outlines very much in Open canvas..I don't outlines tend to cramp things, so I wouldn't look forward to any colored pictures with outline in my galley if I were you. ;P I perfer to do my lineless, furry style of pictures. They're much more fun anyways.

Oh, and I look forward to comments that talk about the background. I'm not very good with backgrounds yet, soooo critiques would be honored. :aww: My reference on the mountains was this: [link] but erm...they look nothing like my mountains. But I wasn't exactly trying to copy them exactly though, I just wanted some reference. ^^; I hope you guys like it. :aww:

Toby is copyrighted respectfully to himself. :aww:

Edit: I just redid a few details, and added a needed copyright on the picture.
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I did it to al now it's your turn c: fav rape time C: (exceptforthosethatarestored)

I'm sorry but I just can't help myself, you al and the others are friggen epic (whileimjustacrapper) c:
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That is too cute =3

I can't critic your work, for I find it better then mine x3
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No it's not. DDD: Commme onnnn, have pride in your awsome work! X333333 Everyone (artists are not) are allowed to critique my work. I'm not an uptight person when it comes to improving myself. :heart:
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Lol I critique the hell outta my own art, I love everyone elses =o I can't usually find anything to critique about o______o;
Isn't that sad?
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How cute! The eyes are adorable :heart:
I can't believe the amount of details in this pic! The fur looks so real! Great shading... zomg, I envy you so xP
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wow. this is just too adorable. I really love how the fur stands out and the shading upon the ice, though I think there could be a reflection upon the surface of the water/ice and a bit of smoother shading/highlighting. Wonderful work though <3
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Oh wow! I never thought of putting the reflection in there! Thank you for the critiques, muchly appreciated :heart:
Deviously-Devi's avatar
no problem at all <3
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I'm not very good with backgrounds yet, soooo Yeeeea, and I have tailfeathers xD The background is brilliant, I'd die to be able to do them like that. xD I love the tiny waterfall that's goint through the iceblock. Tobias looks reeeeally cute and fluffy too, 'tis adorable. ^^ Veeeeeeery, cute, well done, I love it!! :D
KentoDaCat's avatar
Super nice detial uber Awsome =D

I like the fur look and Coloring ^_____________^
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tobyf's avatar
Aww, wow *-* Even though I can't say it comes as a complete surprise, all unexpected, since you have told me already that you'd have something in the works, I didn't think you'd be done so soon, and I'm certainly surprised by how pretty and effortful the drawing is - I mean, this must have taken you ages, especially with the free oC version you have *-* It's very well done, in any case, which goes for the ice and the snow, the mountains and, of course, tobias himself (hehe, he looks all fluffy the way you've drawn him :giggle: ) I can't really find a lot to critique - the mountains are just fine, even if they don't look too similar to the reference, I actually like how you drew them here: their colour fits the snow-y theme nicely, and they look pretty cartoon-y too, which adds to the cuteness of the drawing ^^ The one to tobias' left could use just a little shading towards it's right to make it look less flat, but apart from that, you did really well on them, no doubt ^-^ Hehe, I like how you made the one in the background darker, it looks more natural that way .. aaand for some reason they look like you could have your perfect hideout somewhere in those mountains too :aww: The line-less style is a good idea and looks good on the picture - like one can see on the ice and snow, which looks very realistic and like an actual huuuge block of snow and ice floating around somewhere in the ocean. I love your choice of blue shades, especially in that corner left to tobias, but also the one below it - it looks a lot like a painting with heaps of different shades and tones *-* The blue on the mountains looks more rock-like, so I can imagine them being fairly solid. And the icy river flowing right through the ice makes the right part of the picture a lot more interesting too - plus it shows off your shading skills too - really, the ice, the snow with the realism you achieved and the efforted shading you put on it makes a grand part of your drawing's atmosphere ^-^ The perspective looks slightly strange on where the water meets the ice-snow-block Tobias is on - it's all curved and such, yet the water is pretty much .. flowing straight, you know what I mean? Like, it'd also flow in that one corner next to Tobias, or on that part of ice standing out, it'd also flow around it. Of course, if the viewer would be right above the water, it could actually be just like seen in the picture, but seeing the ice-block at the bottom, they might be a bit above it, more or less at the same height as tobias is. It's just a minor thing though, and apart from that, you did an excellent job on it the background. And of course the same goes for how you drew tobias too - the fur looks incredibly smooth and soft, I can imagine he'd feel like a big plushie :giggle: The way you shaded and highlighted it, it looks very good - definitely something you should keep up ^-^ It's really like you drew out every single strand of fur he has, that's how much volume everything has - like on his chest, or on his back, and it flows all nicely too .. hehe, if one were to pick him up, he'd probably feel just like a big fluff-ball ;P
The lines around his tail look just a tad shaky, but it's nothing too big at all - and actually I like how his tail looks very flat compared to his fluffy body, he'll be sure to do a grand job swimming and diving around with it ^-^ And the little fish is cute too, but he better let it jump back into the water fast, not tha it suffocates ^^; I find its expression adorable though, and the detail you put on it too, like the little spots or even the colour in the eye :aww:

Really, this looks so efforted, I don't even know how I deserve that *-* This must literally have taken you ages, and I'm truly thankful for it, the time and everything you put into it .. and that you actually consider drawing a picture for me - it's a huge honour, that's for sure.
Heh, not even adding it to my favourites - which I'll be happy to do - seems to do this justice; you did a grand job and I plain love it, that's for sure :heart:

Keep up to good work - and stay the sweet person you are :hug:

Christmaslolly's avatar
All in all, the picture took about two days. I did it little by little, but yesturday I finished it. :aww: I'm glad you like it, it certainly put a number on my arm. :giggle: hehe, the fish is actually plushie. ;P See the seems on the fins? Then again, I should have made the picture bigger, so that I could get more into detail..I should do that more often. ^^; this was a 1000x2000 resolution I believe, before I downsized it somewhat. heh, I guess it would have been better to just make it a surprised, no? ;P Ohhhh, I see what you mean with the river! Since the land is sticking out in the water, the water should push up against it, bend around it,and possibly splash too! I see what you mean. :aww: heh, of course you deserve it, don't you notice all of the things you do for me? Even the little ones! And you know, little things do tend to add up. ;P :dance:
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Yup, I can imagine this took you a long time, but it also shows, you know what I mean? The shadows and everything look really efforted - did you ever try drawing with a newer version of openCanvas and see how that one works for you? I don't really like the oC4 version too much, but I think I still have oC3 lying around somewhere, so you could try it out and see what it's like? :aww:
Oh, and I noticed the finds look a little more round, but I thought the spots on it were part of the fish's marking ;3 Hehe, it's very thoughtful to make it a plushie, that way we don't have to worry about it getting back into the water X3 I usually draw it like you do, pretty large around 1000x2000, and then I size it down (alas at the cost of some of the details ^^; ), mainly because that way I can make prints out of it and such like ^-^ Hehe, you could try that with your drawing as well, and see what it looks like, what do you think? You could get like a mug too, or a puzzle .. ooor even a bag ;3 Imagine, Lolly-bags .. that's got to be precious, no? :giggle:
Weeell, it's not like you don't do all those little things as well .. liike drawing together, aaand not to forget that little gift art with Tobias and that huge gift box (with the fish tag) .. aaaaand that other one with Lolly and the rose ;P meh, you're too nice for you own good :hug:

Take care ^^
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Heh, sadly I never tried any of the other art programs. In fact, ever since like..a year or so ago, I only ever used open canavas, ms paint, and a few times, an oekaki (..sp?:o) Oc3 is downloadable? :w00t!:

heh, sometime soon I'll take advantage of the turning pictures intoprints (even my parents encourage the idea!)..but my confidence isn't that bright though. ^^; More dull than anything. BUT, to be on the brighter side, I'm gaining more confidence the more I draw, little by little, so eventually you'll see my artowkr in peoples homes. ;P tee hee!

Heh, the fishy birthday gift? Aww..that was nothing, really.;P I mean, you would have done the same thing, so don't worry about it. X3 I think you do way more things for me. I mean, come on! XD (will send note)

ohoho, did you notice it was snowing1 X3 merrrr :glomp:

take care of yourself as well.;P
tobyf's avatar
hehe, I'll note you too ^-^
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Awe, how cute. hehe
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You did a beautiful job with the seal. The fur was done very well, as well as the realistic shading on the ends of the hairs. The ice field, especially the part where it leads your eyes up to the mountains. Don't worry about the mountains; it takes a while before you become experienced with drawing backgrounds. I have a very hard time drawing mountains, too; they take a lot of practice.
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