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I'm pretty sure I confused a bunch of you with that big post before, so here's a break down of everything I said. :XD: If you still have questions afterwards, please ask here and I will add it.

What exactly is a Christmas calender?
A Christmas calender can have many shapes. The most common one is a big piece of cardboard with a Christmassy picture and a bunch of windows beyond which you find a small Christmassy picture. They are also found with chocolate or candy inside the windows. You open one window every day until Christmas. The main reason for their existence is to make the waiting time shorter, mainly for the younger people. (I believe they are more generally called Advent calenders, but that doesn't sound as cool. Awesome alliteration for the win.) Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advent_c…

How does this one work then?
You choose a day during December when you want to upload a Christmassy deviation and then you upload the deviation on that day. Other people will do the same and the result will be a new Christmassy deviation uploaded every day until the 25th.

That sounds pretty good. Are there any rules about the deviations?
They have to have to do with Christmas. Everything else is up to you. It doesn't even have to be obvious to everyone: If your family has a Christmas tradition that other people might not understand, just explain it in the artist's comments. :)
In addition to this, the artwork has to be something new (i.e. never before been seen on deviantART).

I want to join, but I can't draw. Is <insert media here> alright?
Every media is fine. :D We want as many people as possible to join.

Can I take several days?
Yes, of course. I would suggest not taking more than you can handle or starting early if you're doing a lot, however. This is only so you can join the project without feeling stressed as that would make it a lot less fun.

Help! I haven't finished my drawing and I don't have time to finish in time! D: What do I do?
Tell us. We can either give you a later day (if you've started a deviation and still want to finish it) or you just have a day less to take care of. Whatever we decide with you, we will find someone else to upload on that day. However, please tell us as soon as you know you won't be able to upload on the day so that we have time to find a replacement.

Help! I have finished my drawing, but I just found out I'll be out of town on my day! D: What do I do?
Upload it earlier and we'll wait with accepting it into the group until the right day. :) If you do this, please put the date in the title, so we know when to accept it.

Help! I've completed my drawing, but I don't know how to submit it to the group! What do I do?:
You just submit it as normal on your own account, and you'll notice that a little way under the "deviation title" and "category" there's a box called "Submit to group", with a list of all the groups you're a part of. Tick that box and the artwork will be submitted to the group when you click "submit".

Alternatively, you can submit the artwork normally and then click on the artwork in your own gallery. Once it takes you to the specific page, you'll notice a bunch of options on your right (on the part where it says "download image" etc.), scroll down until you get to the option that says "Featured in Groups".

If you haven't submitted to any other groups, this option will say "none". But directly under this, it says "submit to a group". If you click on this, a new page will load with a thumbnail of your picture and a bunch of options on the side.

It'll say "Select a group to submit to" with a bunch of options of the groups you've joined, click on "#Christmascalender" and then choose which folder you want to submit to.

If Christmascalender is NOT under the "select a group to submit to", then go to "type a group name" and type in "Christmascalender" and click "check". Then follow the previous instructions from there.

There's also a third way of submitting, and that's by going to this account directly. You'll notice at the top of the screen, just under your account details, there'll be a large banner saying "Welcome Home" or something like that, and in that banner there will be options of what you can do in the group. Click on "Submit Art" and then just submit it normally =3

Can different people take the same day?
Until all the days have been filled, we prefer it if you could take a day that hasn't already been taken. This is to make sure we get at least one person on every day. However, if...

All the days have been taken, but I still want to join!
In case all the days should be filled, every day can be taken several times. (We still prefer it if the extra layers are more or less evenly distributed, but it is less important.) So don't despair! :D You can join anyway.

Alright, I want to join. Where do I go?
Go to christmascalender.deviantart.c… and say which day(s) you want to be in charge of and you will be added.

Okay, so what's the raffle thing about?
It's a lottery, inspired by the extra prize at Vocaloid-fanclub's art jam in 2011. People will donate prizes (generally drawings) and who wins those prizes will be chosen randomly among the people helping in the calender.

How do I join the raffle?
Every day you take responsibility for and upload a deviation on earns you a raffle ticket. However, if you sign up for a day and then don't upload, you will not get a raffle ticket. This is to keep people from signing up simply to win prices without helping.
If one of your tickets win a prize, you will have one less ticket for the next prizes, but it is possible to win more prizes if you have more tickets.
You will have three days (including the day you chose) to upload your deviation in case you should be sick or other reasonable reasons for being late before you lose your ticket.
In summary:
Upload deviation: +1
Don't upload deviation: 0
Win a prize: -1 for the next prices.

Who can donate prizes to the raffle?
Everyone can. Go to christmascalender.deviantart.c… if you want to. I'm specifically going to ask famous people to donate prizes as well in an attempt to get more people to join, though.

When and how will you decide the winners?
We'll pick the winners randomly on December 27th, at some point during the afternoon, Denmark time using www.mauvecloud.net/randomchoos… to pick both the order of prices and who wins them.

I have a question you didn't answer! :C What do I do?
Oops, sorry. Please make a comment with it and I will add it here. :)
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