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Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2012, 2:58 AM

Flat colors: 15-20 USD. +5 per extra character, +5 for mature content/extra detail
(This one would be +15 extra because fff detail)

Cel-shaded:25-35 USD +5 per extra character, +5 for mature content/extra detail

Character Design/Ref Sheets: 40+ USD

These are negotiable, depending on how much effort/work/detail I am putting into a character. If your character already has a set appearance, but just needs a basic ref sheet, the starting rate is 40 USD, the price varying with the details you want added.

If you just have a basic idea for an OC- like a species, or a color palette, I am usually more than happy to help make one from the ground up- I have take color palettes and made characters from those alone- Sevti's being prime example- I took the coloring of an orchid mantis and made an OC out of it. Those will be 60+, especially if I am designing the character from the ground up. This sort of commission will also require the commissioner to be very communicative, to ensure details are correct.


These are cheaper. Around 5k words is about 10 dollars, add 5 for smut. Any writing that goes over 10k words and contains smut will immediately have a base cost of 30 dollars. Anything over 10k words has substantial plot and requires a much larger time investment.……… NWS!!!

Commission Process:
:star:1. Send me a note via dA with your idea. Include the following:
  Content rating (Mature, Adult only, etc. Please note I do charge 5+ extra for adult content in my drawn art unless it is tasteful.)  Pose/theme/mood/etc. If a pose is not chosen, I will ask for a mood to base the pose on. Character references. Please have a clear face shot of your characters, and at least a few lines of their personality. If they are important, please list any tattoos, piercings, scars etc- if they are not  mentioned, I don't know to add them. Also if your character has a specific style of dress or a specific outfit, please have a correct clear reference of it. Or if you want me to design one, that's fine.

:star:2. I will do up to 2 sketches and offer them for your approval.  (Or if it's writing, I will offer a few potential "plots" if none are given. If a prompt is given, I will submit a small sample of the beginning to see if it suits the mood the buyer is looking for)

:star:3. Once the sketch/sample/plotline is approved, I will not proceed until payment is received.
     I only use paypal- the address of which will be provided via note once the sketch is approved.

:star:4. Once payment is received, I will finish the art. Usually my running time to finish a piece is anywhere between 2-3 days. If I take longer, I will notify you via note. I have fibromyalgia and sometimes it affects my hands, which will impede my process.  
Writing will take longer as plotting and outlining, characters, figuring timelines etc are involved. If it's simple smut PWP, it shouldn't take me longer than a few days.

Rules:Please ask me about the nature of your commission before trying to commit to one- there are certain things/fandoms/pairings I won't draw/write about.  I don't draw mechanical things very well. I am best at drawing humanoid critters, dragons, mythical creatures, etc. Ask me about fetishes/philias. I only have a handful I won't draw, so if in doubt, just ask. I won't bite your head off. Also, I WILL draw blatantly adult subject matter, but it won't be posted here due to dA rules- it will be posted on my tumblr.

Disclaimer, Terms of Service, etc.
Any fan art is property of the company that came up with the original concept, the art is my product, any OC's are products of your creativity, and I will not claim them.

My art may be used by YOU as icons, backgrounds, etc, but not for commercial use. You also MAY NOT post the piece in your gallery. You are free to fav it, add it to your collections, etc, but NOT adding it to YOUR gallery- if you do, I will report it and link back to my ToS. Linking back to my gallery is not a "free pass" to post it. -_- Neils, I am looking at YOU.

If I do simple lineart, it may NOT be used as a base for another artist to be paid to color. I have had this happen before and was NOT happy at being paid five dollars for lineart, only to have another artist be paid 30 to color my work. Do NOT do it, I will raise a stink. If another artist wants to color it for free, or if you want to color it, that is fine, just give me credit for the lineart.

I do not use your art as prints like some artists. I may use it as an example of a given type of commission, but I will never use it to make profit. I don't take pleasure in making profit off other people's original characters.


For fuck's sake, if I catch you claiming my writing as yours, so help me. So. Help. Me.

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ZoelNoOne Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sign me up for a cel-shaded digital piece! I have a handful of ideas I'd like to email you and discuss; what's the best address for that dialogue?
ChristineFury Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*glee* I haven't drawn for you in AGES; I'd love to draw for you again!

Email is <33
ZoelNoOne Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tried emailing you but it came back as undeliverable? Please email me at so I can send you some thoughts!
ChristineFury Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Skyward-Dreamer Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
Hm, okay .. so in this case moving clearly doesn't rock so much ... I know the feeling. :/ Hope things get sorted out for you, maybe in the way of some commissions? Good luck!
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