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Captain Astra A.K. Kezzek



I used Hero Machine to create an approximation of my upcoming Rogue Trader roleplaying character Captain Astra "A.K." Kezzek. She is a former second lieutenant of the Imperial Navy who was given a Warrant of Trade as a sort of cushy exile for someone who performed valiantly but learned of potentially embarrassing information that was too sensitive for someone of such junior rank. It was a credit to her faithful service and her distinguished military ancestry - her father was a rear admiral - that she was sent away quietly instead of punished for knowing too much.

Astra is standing at the bridge of her ship as it looks out through the viewport into the void. Her stylish yet practical armor was custom designed in the colors of her personal sigil, which is a field of blue with five white four-pointed stars. As a Rogue Trader, Astra is not only in it for the money - which is, of course, important to any trader; she is in it for the renown. Since she cannot follow in her father's footsteps and lead part of the Emperor's Holy Fleet, she wishes to reclaim lost civilizations for the Emperor and discover lost artifacts of great import so that her name will go down in history and the woman who reclaimed the lost treasures of the Imperium.
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Hey nice work on her uniform. looks great.