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  • Listening to: Faderhead - Dirtygirls Dirtybois
  • Reading: Sergei Lukyanenko - Night Watch
  • Playing: with my nerves
  • Eating: can't eat
  • Drinking: blood
Taken from :iconsentientshadoe:.
Lets see what I am. ;)
Oh, and I just have to comment some things!

•[ ]You go/have gone tanning. (lol, me!)
•[x]You own an iPod/mp3 player.
•[ ]You love Starbucks.
•[ ]You have been called a brat.
•[ ]You have tons of shoes.
•[ ]You hate buying things that are on sale.
•[ ]You have a laptop.
•[x]You love shopping. (but only in shops I like: XtraX, Aderlass, Borderline...)

•[x]Black is one of your favorite colors.
•[x]You wear chains.
•[x]You like heavy metal. (but that has nothing to do with being a goth...)
•[x]You've shopped at The Crypt/Gallery Serpentine... (I hope XtraX does also count; it's the biggest Goth store in Germany ;))
•[x]You have worn black lipstick. (sure!!)
•[x]You have/had/or wanted piercings. (I wanted a lip piercing, but not anymore)
•[x]You own a pair of Tripp pants (I guess Tripp is the same as ADERLASS in Germany, so I say "yes"; I don't import goth clothes from USA... don't remember who said it but: "Gothic in the USA is a trend. In Germany it is like a religion. I agree. :))
•[x]You have at least one unnaturally colored haired friend.

•[ ]You can skateboard.
•[ ]You like plaid.
•[ ]You have/love Converse.
•[ ]You hate MTV.
•[x]You have/had/wanted blue, pink, red, purple, or green hair. (wanted purple, but... now, I don't want to color them!)
•[ ]You love mohawks (what?!)
•[x]You LOVE Music. (sure!!)
•[x]Hate people who pretend to be something they are not (oh yes!!!)

•[x]You are depressed sometimes. (yes, but only for some special reason...)
•[ ]You have dark colored thick-rimmed glasses. (only dark colored thin-rimmed glasses because I need them. ;))
•[x]You cry easily. (depends on my mood! I am not always depressed!!!!!)
•[ ]You like emo music. (question: what exactly IS emo music?)
•[x]You've kept a journal/diary.
•[x]You have written a sad poem. (I only write poems when I'm sad. thank God it's not that often!
•[ ]You have dyed your hair
•[ ]You're sad when you're drunk. (I don't drink!)

•GHETTO:• (-> F*ck you, suckers, I HATE those "big bad ghetto freaks...)
•[ ]You like rap.
•[ ]You have said "Fo Sho, Fo Shizzle, Fo Sheezy, etc."
•[ ]You have worn/wanted a grill.
•[ ]You have had a freestyling contest.
•[ ]You have worn your shoes with the tongue flipped out.
•[ ]You've said the N word to a black person and didn't get punched
•[ ]You know most of the lines from Boyz N Da Hood
•[ ]You own a huge gold chain with a giant gold pendant

•[ ]You like loud music.
•[ ]You love/like the Ninja Turtles.
•[ ]You have/had slip-on shoes.
•[ ]You like Norma Jean.
•[x]People have called you a freak and meant it lovingly (I really am! :D)
•[ ]You love to "hardcore" dance
•[ ]Your hair has been dyed more than one color.
•[ ]You wear jeans a lot.

• PREP: (girl version) (btw, what is "prep"?)
•[ ]You LOVE The OC. (the what?!)
•[ ]You had/have/want a tiny/small sized dog.
•[ ]Your usual outfits consist of pink.
•[ ]You like buying shoes A LOT.
•[ ]You say "awesome" at least once a day.
•[ ]You shop at Hollister.AE,and/or Abercrombie
•[ ]Getting your nails done is a fun thing.
•[x]You had/have big sunglasses. (yes, thanks to :iconlordblasto: !!! :hug: )
•[x]You can't go anywhere without your hair perfect. (I don't want to look like... well.)

PREP: guy version
•[ ]You have been mistaken for somebody named Abercromie or Fitch
•[ ]You have a large hairy, slobbering, purebred dog
•[ ]Half your wardrobe is LaCoste and chinos.
•[ ]You own two pairs of socks.
•[ ]You got your first beamer at age 16.
•[ ]You pretend that you are a metalhead or rapper on the weekends.
•[ ]You have box seats but don't play.
•[ ]Nantucket
•[ ]You inherited your tee time.

•[ ]You watch the Superbowl.
•[x]You own track shoes or cleats or other sports related shoes. (only because I needed them at school)
•[ ]You collect jerseys.
•[ ]You have/ had special shelf for trophies and awards.
•[ ]Your garage/shed consists of sports equipment.
•[ ]You belong/belonged to a team.
•[ ]You have a specific number preferred for your jersey.

•SCENE:• (chick version..) ..real guys don't do scene!
•[ ]You like putting little bows in your hair
•[x]You have mini-skirts (sure!)
•[ ]You have parted your hair to the side.
•[ ]You think polka-dots are way cute.
•[ ]You have done a peace sign while you pose for a picture.
•[ ]You've been called scene before.
•[ ]You have dyed your hair a bright, neon color
•[ ]You wear/wore long, colorful socks with your skirts/shorts

•[ ]Gone four wheeling.
•[ ]Went hunting.
•[ ]Owned a four/three-wheeler or dirt bike...ect.
•[ ]Like to go fishing.
•[ ]Eat beef jerky
•[ ]Ever said GIT-R-DONE.
•[ ]Listened to the song Redneck Woman.
•[ ]Know who Bocephus is.

•[x]You wear band shirts alot. (but only The 69 Eyes & HIM)
•[ ]If people down talk metal you down talk their favorite music.
•[ ]You like bands like As I Lay Dying, Lamb Of God, and All That Remains.
•[ ]You HATE emos.
•[x]You love Black Sabbath. (Oh yes!)
•[ ]You have gone to Ozzfest.
•[ ]You like to headbang. (I guess this would look cool with my long hair, but no...)
•[x]You don't like rap.
•[x]You have a taste for classic rock as well.

I knew it! I am an emo-goth! :D
Or perhaps a metal-emo-goth or whatever.
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kaithegreat Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008
ChristinaDeath Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
kaithegreat Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008
In plain English, that would mean something like, "Hmm, I don't have anything better to do with my life, so I may as well try out this quiz"
ChristinaDeath Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
ah, okay, thanks for "translating". :D

yes, sometimes we all need a nice quiz to get out of boredom. ^^
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