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retro brushes

no need to credit, i'd like to see you work tho- please link and comment
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Hi, I can't upload them. The File is .gbr and not .abr - any suggestions how Imake them work? Thanks.
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Started using a couple of them on my Youtube cover…
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Absolutely AWESOME! tHANKS!
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I have downloaded the brushes but they are downloaded in a .GBR format and i can't seem to open it in my Photoshop CS6... please help.:( (Sad)
where is the link?
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Thank you! Used it here: [link]
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used this brush here [link] thanks!
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Could you save them for Photoshop. I would really love this set. For brushes they need to be ABR extension.
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Great brush set. I'm trying to use them on my resume. Thanks for them!
awesome brush set! what pictures did you use to make this?
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I've been looking for something like this, just been to lazy to make it, good work
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Aww. There for GIMP. :[
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Exactly what I was looking for. Where did you get them from?
These were made for/with GIMP I don't know if you can use them photoshop... I'm kinda new at this, I made these from some free clip art i found.
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GREAT! Thank you soo much! <3
Please, cold you help me?
I really would like to use those brushes, but I couldn't open...I tried many times...without sucess.I have an phoshop C2...Thanks,
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Really cool ! Did you make/find these?
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These are awesome!
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haha these look fun, thanks!
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Been looking for something like this!

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