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Madness Returns: Alice05

Time for the Default Blue~ :)

I made this within a week for the Alice: Otherlands cosplay competition but I guess I didn't get through considering I haven't any replies back :"D A bit disappointed with their communications but I guess you're always under the pump in the 3D industry lol.
Thanks to all my friends who encouraged me and supported me through that stressful week :hug::love:

Fandom: Alice Madness Returns
Costume/props: Made by me
Photo/edit: by :iconpireze: Thank you so much for doing this on such short notice :)
Epic card throwing by :iconzuzumoo: Thank you so much for helping out at this shoot! ;3; :hug:


Here are my Royal Dress Alice pics:
Alice01 - [link]
Alice02 - [link]
Alice03 - [link]
Alice04 - [link]

My Blue:
Alice06 - [link]
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Thank you so much~~ :D
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I love the composition for this, and everything about this image.
American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns are both great games, and part of my childhood. :)
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Ahhh thank you so much! ahahaha glad that the time to perfec this shot was worth it and appreciated~~ :love::hug:
This game will be one of my favourites always! (But darn those timer puzzles!! NEVER. AGAIN. ARGHHR)
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such a great game, but i agree, timers frustrate me to no end. :P
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thank you so much~~!! :love:
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Hells to the yeah
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Thank you so muchh~~!! :hug: :love:
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This a great picture, looks very dark and intense.
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Thank you so much~!!! :hug:
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I think this pic is nice. I never even thought about joining that contest cause I knew it would cause stress, and I'd never win or nothing.
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Thank you so much~ ^^ lol yeah... I think it was abit of a waste but it had alot of potential though i think alot of the competitors are a bit disappointed with how they did the communications :")

But it always comes down to if you enjoyed making the costume and wearing it for fun :)
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:) Yes, it's worth it just to have the costume. I figured Mcgee probably had his Alice picked out long ago, but did this to see who was interested.
But the pic was really cool!
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