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Madness Returns: ALICE02

Hated making the gloves. But proudest of the red cuffs. Thank u Ranger Andrew for being my glove guru lmaooo :'D And thanks u etta for lending me ur awesome petticoat~ :heart:~ Another convention picture, but hopefully mayybe do a proper a shoot in the future when I'm a less busy :'D

Fandom: Alice: Madness Returns.
Character: Alice (Alternate Dress)
Costume, jewellery, props: Made by me
Shot & Worn: Sydney Supanova Day 1
Photo: :iconpireze: Thank u so much man XD Lmaoo having to dodge random noob families and narutards -__-;;;

Hope you enjoy~ :)

"Aliiiceee... what have you donneee???"
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Last time I remember, Alice doesn't have the Sneaking Skill. And if she did, it'd be pretty damn low. (Well, in Wonderland, common sense seeing how her dress stand out in each world except Vale of Tears and Hatter's Realm)
by this you totally look like her!^^
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Have you considered a little white makeup? Alice is very pale in the game...
In any case, excellent work!
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wow... u actually look like the real her...
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"We're all mad here", haha nice perspective, I in love XD
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I totally love this costume!! I'm actually wanting to make one myself: either this dress or the steamdress. I'd love to make the Late but Lucky or Hattress dress, but... too difficult. Would you be kind enough to e-mail me the dress layout (drawings) you used as well as instructions how to put it together? I'd really appreciate it, and I'll be sure to give you credit when pictures are posted.
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Dayumn. That's awesome, Christie.

Also, LOL, I totally also glued fingernails to my glove when I did Allen. SO UNCOMFORTABLE, YES?
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Awesome suit!
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seriously want to play this my "play" i mean "watch" someone good at playing games XD
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Oh my god Christie dono!!! THis looks so samurai-ish/Kunoichi.... $#*U()*#@)(@ so intense!
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permission to draw this?
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I think i am in love
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dramatic perspective, i was like woah.

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looks realy nice ^^
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Really really cool, amazing. I love Alice Madness returns, and you captured the essence.
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