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Madness Returns: ALICE01

I fsking love this game right now :iconicameplz: and I'm in love with this outfit and weapon (mmm stripes hurrrr) But I seriously had the most fun making this Hobby Horse! First time since yr7 I've done papermache :'D So I was like "... Durh.... Flour...? Water..? .... ITLLBEWORTHTHEPAIN." OTL

Fandom: Alice: Madness Returns.
Character: Alice (Alternate Dress)
Costume, jewellery, props: Made by me (But thanks to DanMonsterMan@youtube for papermache tutorials! :))
Shot & Worn: Sydney Supanova Day 1
Photo: :iconpireze: Thank u so much man XD Lmaoo having to dodge random noob families and narutards -__-;;;

Hope you enjoy~ :)

"Aliiiceee... what have you donneee???"
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LovelyCherryCat's avatar
This Cosplay looks good!
Dr-Syn's avatar
Stunning, Simply stunning.

Theyve got a figure of Alice in this dress coming out.
cloeth's avatar
beautiful cosplay *O*!!!
Elroypinkbearx3's avatar
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Viveeh's avatar
Planning to cosplay this, too. Yours turned out amazing!
SpicyHorseOfficial's avatar
Great! We are still spreading the madness: [link]
Alice characters are back on june 19th, tomorrow!
LxiaNi's avatar
Oh gawd this is awesome! >:D I especially love the Hobby horse!! All of it is so detailed.... :o ^u^
animelandvswonder's avatar
omg this is awsome!!!
iloveellis's avatar
thats awsome how'd u make the horse??
AlissonLipe's avatar
*.* fantastic!!! Congratulations!
Tobyk947's avatar
I love your hobby horse!
ArmageddonFabric's avatar
nicely done on the horse!
christie-cosplay's avatar
thank you~~!! it was alot of fun making it XDDDDDD
FaerieSong5's avatar
Oh my god, I love this! I'm going to go Smash as Alice in her normal costume.
Can you give me the link to the video so I can make a hobby horse?
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank you~!!! Ahh no probs!! He's a totes nice guy if you have questions, just msg him via youtube :D [link]

Good luck and don't hesitate to say hi!! I'll probably be looking out for your Alice! :love:
FaerieSong5's avatar
Thanks :D And I'll be looking out for you!
Union-san's avatar
You should add some blood :d
christie-cosplay's avatar
lol twas tempting but didn't have enough time XD
wolfgirl1423's avatar
that is a FANTASTIC cosplay,I love how detailed the hobby-horse is!
christie-cosplay's avatar
thank you so much~~!! Hahaha gotta take care of ma hobby horse XD
AkaiTsukiYuki's avatar
OMG THAT DRESS AND THE HOBBY HORSE IS AMAZING!!!!! So did you make the dress as well?
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank u~~~ Yeap yeap~ Made everything! :)
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