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Avatar: TLA - Final Agni Kai 03

Another photo of our final AGNEH KAIIIRHH battle *w* Did a few shots of Azula going a bit cray :D Still love this series to bits!

Series: Avatar the last Airbender
Characters: Azula - :iconchristie-cosplay:
zuko - :iconsakanamochi: <3 <3 <3 
costumes & wig: made by us
photo: Alan
edit: Me

More photos in my Gallery and FB page HERE  and Tumblr HERE

Avatar: TLA - Final Agni Kai 02 by christie-cosplay Avatar: Azula by christie-cosplay Avatar: TLA - Final Agni Kai 01 by christie-cosplay
 Avatar: TLA - Fire Nation2 by christie-cosplay Avatar: TLA - Fire Nation by christie-cosplay
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I can just HEAR that unnerving laughter that she ma as she is turning her attention to Katara, amazing work!

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Amazing Cosplay!!!
christie-cosplay's avatar
thank you so much! ^__^
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Awesome cosplay! Great photo! Looks epic.
christie-cosplay's avatar
Ahh thank you so much~~!! :D <3 <3 
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Thank you so much~! :) :hug:
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Is that psycho azula?
LeafyHeart's avatar
wow!! wonderful!
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Thank you so much~ :) :hug:
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Nice cosplay!
christie-cosplay's avatar
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You're welcome! Hug 
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Aaand cue the drums that will forever resonate within your soul as the strings grasp you with the sheer intensity of the moment...

(I'm talking about the official soundtrack for this unforgettable scene, of course.)
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I love the soundtrack. The final agni kai track is so good D:
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Nice job! That costume looks sick!
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank you so much~! :) Hahaha much love (and tears) were put into it~! Glad it came out ok! ^^
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wow that is really good. don't suppose you make costumes for other people do you?
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Thank you very much! ^-^ Ah, not anymore. I used to do commissions but due to my new job in a new city, I have to push it aside and focus on work ^^;; Sorry about that~! ><
CodyandGwen's avatar
oh well, if you ever change your mind, lemme know
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