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Avatar: Azula

A bit of experimenting with editing hahaha went a bit crazy as you can see 8"D Kinda gave up lol Might replace if i cbf in the future haha slowly editing as my new job is eating my soul and me catching up with korra! 8"D

More photos in my DA gallery & my facebook page HERE :)

Fandom - Avatar: The Last Airbender
Azula - :iconchristie-cosplay:
Costume made and worn by me
Photo - :iconrayfy:
Edit - me


Avatar: TLA - Final Agni Kai 02 by christie-cosplay Avatar: TLA - Final Agni Kai 01 by christie-cosplay Avatar: TLA - Final Agni Kai 03 by christie-cosplay Avatar: TLA - Fire Nation2 by christie-cosplay Avatar: TLA - Fire Nation by christie-cosplay
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Oh god, you make such a PERFECT Azula *o*
christie-cosplay's avatar
Ughh thank you so much~ ;3; :hug:
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Very beautiful<333
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
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Those lightning effects are seriously amazing! 
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank you so much~~ ;w; hahaha this edit took wayyy longer than I expected hahaha :love:
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ohhh i love this so much.. your costume is amazing! i was going to go as azula to a costume party but i had way too much trouble trying to find/make the costume, so, props, this is definitely one of the best i've seen haha
christie-cosplay's avatar
w-woahhh! loll yeahh azula was a bit more work than I expected 8"D but all the planning and tears were worth the pain :3 thank you so much!!! *huggles* :love: I do hope you can still do azula one day! it's super fun to cosplay her >:3
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i actually did manage to find someone, a friend-of-a-friend who made an amazing costume for me! (especially on such short time). it definitely was a lot of fun, she's one of my favorite characters and it was really cool to *be* her for a day haha. the only downside was the armor was actually pretty bad on my shoulders and i was pretty stiff afterwards :'D but it was worth it :)
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this is simply breath taking---- I LOVE IT! 8D
christie-cosplay's avatar
ahhhh tophhh!!! thank you somuch~!!! *huggles* :love:
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thank you so much!!! \ o \  <3 
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OH man you make an awesome Azula :D She's my favorite character in the show ;)
christie-cosplay's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much!! ^o^ Hahaha she's pretty hard to forget 8D hehheheh
Hikarikun18's avatar
Hahaha I know what you mean :D Azula is one of a kind, I would go crazy if my mom said I was a monster, a father training you at a young age and expect perfection and everyone afraid of you XD
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Really amazing cosplay :)
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank youu~~ ^^ Glad my hardwork and dedication is appreciated~ ;3;
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Brilliant! I love it!
christie-cosplay's avatar
Thank you so much~!! :D :D
Very nice job!
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