Christmas Contest closed - voting in progress

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By Emberblue
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The contest ended as scheduled, and now that we have had some time to recover from the holiday celebration, the christians staff will begin voting.  The winners will be announced some time this week.

Thank you again for your participation and support.  :love:  We hope you had a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!! :la::la::la:

Take a look at the current entires in our Christmas contest!!!  :squee:

Birth Announcement - The Lamb of God by Coffee-OK Christmass for me by ItsaboutChrist Atonement / Expiacion by ll-Bisto-ll Sunset Shimmer- Equestria Girl(as Mary) by jimmyneutronfreak1 A Mothers Sorrow by whitefirepanther The Truth about A Christmas Carol by Taqresu650 Go Tell It by PoppyCorn99 The True Meaning of Christmas"If we fully understand what God is we should see there is no question whether he is. It would always have been impossible that he should not exist. He is the opaque center of all existences, the thing that simply and entirely *is*, the foundation of facthood. And yet, now that he has created, there is a sense in which we must say that he is a particular thing and even one thing among others. To say this is not to lessen the immeasurable difference between him and them. On the contrary, it is to recognize in him a positive perfection which pantheism has obscured; the perfection of being creative. He is so brim-full of existence that he can give existence away, can cause things to be, ant to be really other than himself, can make it untrue to say that he is everything." --Miracles, ch. 11
God is infinite To get an idea of what that means, watch this video:  All of created existence is but a single grain of dirt on the
The First Noel by B-Angelo MagiTrace your finger on a map,
A thousand miles to chase a star,
Bring nothing back but hope--
A name, a face, remembered touch
Of tiny fingertips,
The wind calling you.
Carve a box to store these in,
Bring it out but once a year,
'Til desolation slips like sand
O'er the tracks you left behind.
Face a future you as if
A thousand years have passed, just now
Is left to conquer Doubt,
Unnamed, faceless wight of the bridge
To new eternity--
Faith is calling you.
Take the box and break the lid,
Recall words you did not hear,
Tremble with burning in your heart
Until the crossing way's revealed.
Find the whisper inside you--
A thousand acres buy one pearl,
Leave nothing but good deeds.
His name, His face, slake hidden thirst
To be found and come home--
Abba's calling you.
Build a trove with love's labor,
Add to it as you draw near,
'Til light of grace reveals your guide,
Met at last, your King e'er more.
The stable by whiterayven The shepherds by whiterayven 3 kings by whiterayven Christmas Challenge - Glory to God by GeorgieDeeArt HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS! by HumbleLuv Blessed among women by Linsketches The Greatest Gift of All by iridescencysky Llegada -- AdventEl Hijo
Vino a los hombres
Con salvación de Dios;
Vida eterna en Su diestra,
El favor de Jehová, y justicia.
El Maestro
Dio de Su sabiduría;
Nos instruyó, necios, en las calles;
Pobres, recibimos buenas nuevas;
Perdidas, fuimos halladas por
El Pastor.
El Mesías
Trajo el Reino de los cielos,
Predicó libertad a los cautivos,
Consuelo y paz a Sus pequeños,
Poder restaurador de lo alto.
El Espíritu
Obró en gloria y bendición
Y dio autoridad a los hombres,
Promesa de Verdad en nosotros;
Derramó del amor del Santo,
La Unción.
El Siervo
Vino en mansedumbre,
Se entregó día tras día;
Rey de gloria, se humilló,
Aun hasta el madero.
El Cordero
Puso su vida como expiación;
Rindió Su sangre y dio
Un nuevo pacto a Israel
Y hasta los fines de la tierra,
El Redentor.
El Resucitado
Fue levantado en gloria,

Thanks for participating! Below is the original journal with all the delicious contest details:

Christmas is coming soon!  Lets usher in the Christmas celebration with a contest!!!    :xmas:  We understand that many of us are busy this time of year, so we are going to keep things nice and simple.

Contest Rules

Entries must be Christmas themed.

We are keeping it very open to your creativity.  Some suggestions (but not limited to) are: Jesus’ birth, the wise men, Mary and Joseph being visited by angels, King Herod, angels visiting shepherds, Christmas symbolism in modern day things, the meaning behind Christmas celebration, the true “gift” of salvation, the Christian meaning behind “X-mas”, etc. This is not an all inclusive list.  Be creative with it.

All entries must meet our standard criteria described in the journal on our profile (Christ-centered or Bible-based, and members only).

You may submit as many entries as you like but concentrate on quality and content, try to touch God with the expression of your art.

All categories of art will be accepted.

Submit your entries to the folder "Christmas Contest"

The contest will end December 25, 2015.  Watch the countdown clock on our profile to see the exact time.


Just like Christmas, the prize will be secret - a gift that you can’t open until Christmas!  Well, in this case it will be a present that you open shortly after Christmas because the staff will need a little time to vote on the winners. :D The prize will include points, maybe something additional, but we can’t say for sure. We don’t want to ruin the surprise!!!  :squee::happybounce:   Don’t worry, the prize will be worth it.  :excited: There will be 3 winners chosen. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  Winners will be chosen based on the quality of the Christian/Christmas theme and the quality of the deviation, but not based on the category of the deviation.

:star:Prize donations will be accepted.  Please send the group a note if you are interested in contributing to the prize. :thumbsup:

Please let us know if you have any questions. I know it’s early…but…  :holly:MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:holly:

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© 2015 - 2020 christians
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Have the winners been announced yet?
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EmberblueProfessional Digital Artist
Not yet.  :aww:  We are beginning the voting.  Thanks for your patience. :love:
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sorry, but I'm starting to get a little impatient. will we all get notified when the winners are decided?
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EmberblueProfessional Digital Artist
Of course, we will make an announcement when the winners are decided.   We are almost done. :aww:  Some of us have had limited internet access lately and that has delayed things. Thanks for your patience. :love:
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Good.  Thanks for the update.
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MasterOshawott Digital Artist
Um... I submitted my picture last night to the folder well over five hours before the deadline.... It said it needed to be reviewed though it hasn't gotten any feedback yet. It still counts right? :(
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EmberblueProfessional Digital Artist
Deviations that were submitted in time (and meet the criteria) will be accepted.  We were busy with our families on Christmas but will review the final submissions soon. :)
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MasterOshawott Digital Artist
Ok! Whoo... Thanks. I was just a bit worried there. XP I completely understand busy. Take your time. :) And Merry after Christmas. :D
MasterOshawott's avatar
MasterOshawott Digital Artist
I'm working on something that I think will be nice. I'm kind of working on the shading and lighting right now. It will also be my first official submission to the Christians group. :)
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CCMSonicFanStudent Traditional Artist
Sorry, I think I won't make it time :-(. I have so much stuff to do I doubt I can spare a hour.
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andripcStudent Digital Artist
A prayer please for my best friend David and his family that are having economic problem by a fire that cougt their house
sin-and-love's avatar
I'm honestly surprised so few people have submitted to this contest.
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IGotOverItStudent Artist
I was just rejected for making a bloody flag of the usa - my translation of "Emotion Depicted Through Color." Maybe I should draw a rainbow and say, "Happy Happy Happy," and I'd be submitted.

I'll put one in here, let's see if the Christians on Deviant Art accept me.
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GeorgieDeeArtProfessional General Artist
Are you okay?
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IGotOverItStudent Artist
better than ever - I'm leaving DA
GeorgieDeeArt's avatar
GeorgieDeeArtProfessional General Artist
Do you need to talk about something? :/
IGotOverIt's avatar
IGotOverItStudent Artist
yeah, I think DA is the wrong place for Christians - and it's taken me this long to figure that out. I've made complete websites before and I'm here, hanging out on a website that won't promote my art, because it has a flag on it, or if it talks about the Blood of Jesus on the artwork. Maybe you serve a different God, but my God is shamed by people who shame Him. I will go elsewhere, and maybe not the internet at all - if the whole internet is against God.
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GeorgieDeeArtProfessional General Artist
I'm sorry, did someone report your artwork? (Also "the internet" is not against God and clearly not all those who utilise it are.)
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IGotOverItStudent Artist
I did say, "If."
IGotOverIt's avatar
IGotOverItStudent Artist
okay, so, no, the WHOLE internet is not against God. But this IS "Deviant" art.

Someone did not approve of my artwork, (not on this account, mind you) but on another account on DA.

I'm sorry I brought it it up here, I thought I was leaving a comment on the actual artwork link on DA, not the Christian web link on DA.

I hope that clears up your confusion. I am leaving DA as a result though, it is full of Deviants and unGodly people.
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CCMSonicFanStudent Traditional Artist
I don't think I can make it in time :-(
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If you don't, save it for next year.
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CCMSonicFanStudent Traditional Artist
Will the contest be here next year?
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I hadn't thought of that.
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