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"The reward of being 'faithful over a few things' is just the same as being 'faithful over many things' ; for the emphasis falls upon the same word; it is the 'faithful' who will enter 'into the joy of their Lord.'"- Charles S. Robinson


I suspect that most of the individuals who have religious faith are content with blind faith. They feel no obligation to understand what they believe. They may even wish not to have their beliefs disturbed by thought. But if God in whom they believe created them with intellectual and rational powers, that imposes upon them the duty to try to understand the creed of their religion. Not to do so is to verge on superstition. - Mortimer J. Adler

"This book (the Bible) will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book."

P.S. Dedicated by Christ to this member

The Mission of our Group and every Christian...

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Digital Art II
God is our Strong Tower by ServantofJesus
Gate by Solyonov
Medo-Persia by AlexGilBle
Jesus Satisfies by Rashad97
Zeal of the Spiritual Seal by DiscipleDJ
Humility Heightens by DiscipleDJ
Jesus Is Worth More Than Gold by DiscipleDJ
Tears Water Joy by DiscipleDJ
Have Courage And Be KindEven in the fire be courageous, kind, become refined.Even When trials come, truth is skewed, hell burns all around...have courage and be kind.Watch how God carries you to goodness within and even sometimes outside too.See the magic and miracles that can unfold; sometimes the biggest miracle is being able to stand in truth and integrity through the flames, or using the flames to find these gem Sermon. I found this guy through my mom the other day in such an uncanny way, and so much of what he was saying was confirming my thoughts earlier that daNot an Adventist, but he is certainly one who I can ride with. Very amazing insights and really humble and real. So this Spiritual Sabbath, here is an actual Adventist sermon.God can use the fire to burn up the bondages and bad wrapped all around you from others or even yourselfFire destroys things, and can make things stronger, sharper and more beautiful all at onceGod walks with you through hell sometimes, not always around it--to make your inner and outer demons, burn instead. What the enemy meant to destroy you, God will use to deliver you. Part AThe message is taken from the story of the three Hebrew boys thrown into the fire.Think it is Found in the book of Daniel. Part B Music to SootheCinderella inspired music, since some of the theme is inspired by this. Gospel and other inspirational musicMore edge now. Don't let life's hardship burn you out, but burn the darkness out of you.Don't give up, don't bow to idols or anyone's ideals or demands. Forgiveness and LoveI pray you all were blessed, we are all imperfect hurt people that hurt more imperfect hurt people. Today cherish life, love and every bit of good no matter how small, even if those for you are small too, love them and even those who don't even if it is hard.Your softening heart will make it easier and not enduring circumstances so hard....
Posters and Designs
Psalm 84:11 by prayer-of-praise
Isaiah 43:2 by prayer-of-praise
Psalm 51:10 by prayer-of-praise
Too blessed to be stressed by morethansparrows
Traditional Art
Blessings of Eternity by DiscipleDJ
Song of Songs 2:6-7 by Parastos
Luke 18:9-10 by Parastos
Bibleman 25th by SonicClone
Christian Apparel
Moses by jonah-onix
Daniel by jonah-onix
Voice of our Savior  by OddGarfield
Satan can burn in hell by OddGarfield
Live Truth In Love (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger
Jesus Loves You (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger
God Wants You To Be Joyful (Stamp) by Rogue-Ranger
No Form of Political Status! by Godismyrefuge
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Books for Beauty by DiscipleDJ
Pastel Goth Cross Pink F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Pastel Goth Cross Violet F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Pastel Goth Cross Fuchsia F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
God Made Two Lights by ServantofJesus
Scraps and Muro
Meetings in Heaven by SonicClone

Artist Feature - ForestHymn

Artist Feature with :iconwhitehorsestudio:

Periodically we would like to feature one of the many gifted Christian artists in christians. This month we are featuring digital artist WhiteHorseStudio. Her gallery is loaded with Biblical themes and gorgeous animals, all for the goal of sharing Jesus through art. May her work "be a catalyst for other young people to give their best and their all to God, Who is worthy of it".

Read the interview here:


Disclaimer: This list of affiliates has a commonality of faith in Christ with us and we are pleased to have them as supporters of our group. However, we are not responsible for their personal direction, submissions, doctrinal/denominational beliefs, and/or contents of their individual groups. Our group's statements are delineated at our Essentials of Christianity & Statement of Faith"


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In this video, we explore how Israel’s temple in the Bible is described as the place where God’s space and humanity’s space are one. In fact, the whole biblical drama can be told as a story about God’s temple. In the opening pages of Genesis, God creates a cosmic temple, and in the person of Jesus, God takes up personal residence in his temple-world. By the end of the biblical story, all of creation has become God’s sacred temple.

The Bible Project is a non-profit creating free videos that walk through the narrative of the Bible book-by-book and theme-by-theme.  They also have an informative & entertaining podcast, as well as reading plans and other resources.  You can find more information about them here:


If you enjoy these or know someone who would be interested in learning about the Bible, please spread the news! :love:



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God bless you and welcome to christians or the deviantMISSION as we call it. The deviantMISSION, is the first and one of the largest Christian groups on DA.

The deviantMISSION is made up of those who 'believe in' and understand the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for our sins and uphold the word of God (The Bible) as the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks.

This group will have Christ-related art, writings, and information for those who'd like to know more.
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