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Down, boy...down

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This is the gift I made for my Secret Santa with my students at Escola Oficina.

It was supposed to be just a dinossaur, but I just couldn't help putting a blue box somewhere there..:D
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Haha great art! I would love to see that on the show
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Very nice. Great job. Who knew his sonic had a repelling T-Rex setting?
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Absolutely fantastic. LOVE IT!
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It's perfect...
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Ha! If only Invasion Of The Dinosaurs looked this good! ;-)
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The blue box is everywhere, all the time, ever! Hahahahaha love your picture, I couldn't stop laughing~ And the dinossaur is very well done :clap:
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Anderson what are you doing? Don't rawr at the TARDIS nobody likes you.
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aww he's saying he loves you Doctor...
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LOL, this comment + sig
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XD Oh god another comment unintentionally turned sexual by my signature!
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I'm sure you never get that sort of message ever :iconawesomeplz:
LadyLunaTheLunatic's avatar
i get it ALL the time. Sometimes i make a sexual joke and it adds to it and sometimes like this one it was a completely harmless comment XD
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I could've sworn that was Kevin, the Doctor's T-rex companion from the comics!
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Kevin, you've grown so big!!!
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haha, really awesome! :D
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