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Just a little heads up-post to let you know that some friends and I having a daily (monday-friday) sketch tumblr for some weeks now. ---->
I already posted some of the early sketches here, but why not bother you with a journal as well. ;)

It's really refreshing getting some personal work done on an almost daily base. :)


my fellow real life buds:

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Seems like everyone has a tumblr these days. Should I get one too? It looks like a great site (P.S.: you have the coolest journal skin)
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I'm not sure. I started a tumblr in addition to my blog and it's pretty useless. My images find their way to tumblr but not via my tumblr. ;)
But for the Buttgod I think it's better. It's easier to share, and with more content it just makes sense.