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I posted an image 8 hours ago. I have more than 22.000 watchers and yet only 16 views for that image so far. That's just...uhm..not normal. -__o
Anyone else has this problem? Is the deviation not showing up in the message center?
It's not thaat important, but strange and I'm curious what the problem might be.

UPDATE: Thanks, guys! :) It's not just me apparently.
I just reposted it, maybe it works properly this time.
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Blazingwire's avatar
in the last 2 weeks I've been getting a lot of "this deviation is not available" in my feed.
Odinoir's avatar
bei mir Stand: Image no longer available. Deshalb ich's mir nicht angeguckt ;)
ChristianNauck's avatar
Wahrscheinlich weil ichs gelöscht und gereposted habe. ;) christiannauck.deviantart.com/…
DavidSondered's avatar
seen loads of "this post is no longer available" in my deviantart-feed today...
elsevilla's avatar
Yeah i noticed this too, did deviant art become myspace?
JacquelineBarkla's avatar
is this a confirmed problem with da? what's the solution here cos I'm noticing it too!!
ChristianNauck's avatar
I guess no real solution until they fix it. Just try reposting. Worked for me.
shanewhite's avatar
I'm thinking it's a market shift.

You need to paint 1000% more unicorns.

ChristianNauck's avatar
I think you're onto something there! Let's make it unicorns with boobs, just to be safe!
shanewhite's avatar
Hahaha...puking rainbows!
Andrewhuerta's avatar
Everyones on Instagram now.
ChristianNauck's avatar
Guilty as charged!
mechangel2002's avatar
Yeah that's been happening to me too -- almost no pageviews on my new posts for over a day after posting... I usually get 100-300 in the first day before it tapers off... so weird.
splendidriver's avatar
I had the same problem the other day.
ChristianNauck's avatar
Ah, oooright, thanks everyone! Good to know!
The journal entries seem to get through, though! ;D
BenHickling's avatar
Looks like the deviation didn't appear in peoples message centers
JorgeMarquez's avatar
that happens very often, I've seen a lot of artists complaining about the same thing :S
MajinNeda's avatar
I didn't see it in my feed.
AngsTheWicked's avatar
Nope, people suddenly hate your stuff!

No seriously, you're not the first one to report a similar issue today. Da must be glitchy.
ChristianNauck's avatar
I noticed a decline in popularity over the last years, so you never know. ;D
AngsTheWicked's avatar
ha ha, but at this point, it would be dramatic.
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Seems very likely; I didn't receieve a notificaton about that image, and that happens all the time.
SassTheFamilyKid's avatar
It didn't show up for me, but it's in your page.. ;o;
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