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Sokka vs. Swordmaster



"Steffi Says" Nr. 1: Sokka fighting the Swordmaster

To help me through (one of) my art-crisis' my lovely and resourcefull girlfriend Steffi :iconmissmatzenbatzen: filled my hat with a bunch of folded post-it's. On every post-it she wrote a topic. Stuff I like, she likes, or we both. So I randomly pick one of the post-it's without knowing what it's gonna be. So I don't have to think what I'm gonna draw or think about how much "worth" it will be in the end - I "just" have to draw it.
This is the first one.
Don't know if it'll be the last one, too. ;) Depends on free time and my moods. ;)

And yeah, I love Avatar(not the one with the blue furries) to pieces! :D
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This is fantastic OMG. ;~; I love how everything is set up at a slant and how the motion is coming in from the top! (Plus I'm about to binge watch all of Avatar, so I found this at a good time LMAO.)