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Joker reloaded

I took the sketch that I already used for my last deviation and gave it another try.

Hope ya'll like it! :)
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Like it? I love it! :D
Heres Joker! Joker Clap 
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NOooo stay where you are!!

He's one of the creepiest joker i've ever seen... I don't look at it a second ti... waaaaaaaaah :nirvana: :fear:
but it's a nice piece... :clap: i like.. his eyes?

I really adore your work :D
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A really good version of the Joker.

I featured this work on my blog. <3
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I love it! very cool!
Oh Oh Nightmare Fuel!
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Nice man,nice! :clap:
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Dude awesome job!
The subtlety of the colors is fantastic! The dramatic angle adds to the compostition and his face is just chock full of wicked and evil.
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love the lighting in this one, great atmosphere
This is by far the most scary Joker I have run across. And it is one of my favorates. Beautiful!
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Ohhh! Oh me, oh my...

Yummy. :heart:
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nice work ^^ it looks a mix beetween Joker and sweettooth in twisted metal =)
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Oh, and is he stepping INTO or OUT OF the box?
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I have to show this to my buddy. He's scared of clowns, and this one is straight up creepy.
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I really like his fluffy hair. Fluff-fluff-fluff.
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Would you mind sharing a few tips? what type of paper and materials do you use, please? :pray:
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That's amazing! So intense and the details and the back ground and the angle and the expression and..

PLEASE share with me the details of how you created this. what medium did you use? what sort of paper, etc.
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What suprises does he have in store within the box? :P
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