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Iron Man by design Cover

It's up on Newsarama [link] and CBR so I can post it here as well. :)

It's part of the Iron Man by design variant cover series. I've got the caveman Iron Man! :)

WTF?!! Why does this particular image attract so much spam?! Seriously, I would really like to know!
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Is it Iron Man caveman? Is very good
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Pelt Man: Furred Adventures
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This is soooo well executed. I love how you changed the costume!! Really amazing job on the textures and detail, the style of fur really gives it a caveman feel while still being quite recognizable as Ironman. It’s cool to think what kind of caveman would proportionally equate to Tony Stark and what his intellectual ’achievements’ would be.
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I like this take on Ironman, very different and unique, so different he's made a suit out of different material!
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Texas Iron Manssacre?
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that was a spam
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its kinda scary but such a cool design
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WOW love the concept of this! different from what I have come across!
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Cut this guy a break, hes actually given you something different to look at rather than the same old art...he may not be iron but you actually think Robert Downy Jr was wearing an Iron it was hard plastic! great piece mate, love the lighting as well!
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Hahahaha, not very irony =))
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I just wanted to let you know that I've featured this deviation in my latest journal.

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very cool idea.umm what part of him is iron?
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...well, his blood is still iron-based at least.

Maybe he has a talisman made of a chunk of washed up metal ore? Having even a little iron in the Neolithic Era would definitely make you a superhero...

Looks completely awesome, love the (I'm guessing here) throwing lantern! The Crimson Cavebear is going to get toasted!
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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So very cool. A very interesting idea, very well realised. I bet it took a lot of thought to plan out how to make this work, but you did it. It's just amazing, all the differences, yet still recognizably the same. I kind of can't stop looking at it.
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