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Indy Star Trek Iron Man

For practice I'm doing some moviestills-ref paintings lately. Here are some of them.
Maybe I'll learn something from it. fingers crossed

Were supposed to be quick one hour paintings...but I guess some of them took more around 1-2 hours. I'm looking at you Indy! :threaten:

No overpaints, 3% colorpicking for reassessing! ;)

If you like this kind of stuff check out :iconscebiqu: who's currently also painting great looking one-hour movie stills.
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my god, the light reflecting from the idol to indy's face is amazing
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I'm trying to figure out the movie in the top panel... XD
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That would be Iron Man 2 I think.
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Wow!This is amazing!Do you start with a sketch or is it straight to the colours? :)
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So photoshop right?....but what looks deliciously chunky :-)
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Custom hard flat brush plus airbrush and smudge tool... :)
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i love it!!!!!!! tutorial please!
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What do you mean with ", 3% colorpicking for reassessing!"?
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just checking if I got the color right.
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Those are great! Any special brush?
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yeah, some custom brushes, but nothing too fancy needed here.
hard flat brush, airbrush, smudge tool...
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These are some top notch amazing pics, your painting skills are teriffic!
CranK-desigN's avatar
looks like it works^^
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Just coolnes.....more please
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Wow, amazing and sexies <3
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Oh my wheeze. These are beyond wondrous.

QUESTION: When you did these, did you use the color-eye-dropper-select tool, whatever that may be called, or did you get it as close as you could by eye?

AND in general what goes through your mind when you're figuring out which color to put where, if you don't mind my picking your brain?
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I usually only pick for reassuring. I choose a color and sometimes I pick the color afterwards to compare them. So I "train" my eyes but also get a picture thats halfway close to the original. ;)

What goes through my mind? Phew, is just look and compare - sometimes I think about stuff as simultaneous contrast and if it influences what I think I see.
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Ah! So it's about developing a color intuition, mostly, which again will only be acquired through lots of patience and lots of practice. Behold the definition of art. Lovely!

It really is a 'winging it' sort of process then? Well, I guess I'd best get drawing, don't want to lose any time :) Thank you for your responses!
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Love the style ! But i got a question, could you give some advise or maybe do a tutorial ? Thanx in advance !
Or if you would really like to help me sen me a PSD so i can look how you did it :) :p TNX !
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You guys are out of this world @_@
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These are gorgeous (particularly the golden idol in the Indy frame), and I might just have to try this little exercise myself!
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Very cool assignment! and nicely pulled off! Ill have to try some of that as soon as I get out of school for the summer :)

keep up the good work!
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