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Head in teh clouds

Currently :iconmissmatzenbatzen: and I working on a little promo - thingie. We decided to use amongst others an older pic/charcter by me ...and realised I had to draw it again. Dunno what I was thinking back then - I guess I wanted to exaggerate ...but this is just hilarious. :faint: The old version looks embarassingly deformed. Epic fail! Guess I focused too much on the painting technique.

The new version may be not flawless... but it looks better, I think ;)

Sorry for the cutted legs, but we don't need a full body shot, so I skipped it. ;)
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she is sakura from naruto.
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I love this image. Perfect in every way.
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thats perfect painting is spot on ;)
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Very very nice! =D
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In the sky, you say?
-packs up rokkit shipz- :lol:
I love her eyes. So mysterious!
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You have been featured in my Journal:
Check out it here: [link]
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oh man if she awaits me in the sky why am i doing here xD

nice pice ;-)
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i love the fabric of the tank top.. and yeah! redheads rock!
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Beautifull colours...
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Wow i like it...
its so cool
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Great Picture!!!!

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Absolutely beautiful colouring, the paint strokes are really well placed and the lighting of the entire piece is excellent.
I also love the contrast of pink on greeny/blue background, they compliment eachother well.
And I think chopping off the legs was a good idea, it may have made the piece too complicated, so the 3/4 shot here is a good choice.
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dieser epische Fehler ist nun für immer im zweiten Jazam und prangert dort für dein protfolio :P

trotzdem *doppeldaumenhoch*

Die neue Version ist extrem schick und verdammt sexy.
gut das die nicht mehr so stark traniert ist außer die Arme, guter Gegenpart.
Farben,Kontrast und alles andere sind feinstens!

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Cool, danke Ome!! :)

Jaaa, das mit Jazam "ärgert" mich auch - war echt betriebsblind bei der Tussi. ;)
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passiert auch mal den besten... :P

Hast bei Vol. 4 einen gut um deinen Namen wieder reinzuwaschen. ;)
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Awesome colors man!
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ich weiß nicht, ich kann mich mit den muskeln am herunterbaumelnden arm nicht so anfreunden und die highlights an den haaren wirken auf mich auch mehr nach aluminium.. -sonst find ichs aber klasse!!! super maltechnik!
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Dude. I would love to learn her workout techniques, 'cause they awfully seem to be working. D;

XD I love that haircut on girls, it's just so cute. I wish my hair would do that. >_<; The pink in the picture really is nice, and her eyes, although kind of dark and creepy, are still awesome. The lighting is unique, but the contrast of the light and dark skin tones against the pastel background obviously work. Amazing work, as usual!
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Love the style and her expression. Nice pastel colours too, :+fav: !
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ncie muscles this girl have!
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