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Hawkeye n Deadpool

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Warmup I felt like inking and coloring.
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I really like the your style!
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argh this is amazinggg
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I really like the hatching and the definition on hawkeye's arms!
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Deadpool's gun is retardedly awesome--just like Deadpool!
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came out great mate!
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Thanks mate! Glad you like it!
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Nice lines.

Still, the bow string lives on the other side of the arm. :\

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yeah, I know. added the string in PS and forgot to erase the part.
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I'd like to read this story.
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Love the style and the idea behind it is pretty good. I like the little deadpool scarf as well like you are pulling from the strider type ninjas.
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Thank you! :)
The scarf was mostly for composition purpose, also, Deadpool can totally rock one!
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Hawkeye has a really huge backpacOH THAT'S DEADPOOL, OKAY
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Nice work, I really love the coloring style on this piece bro!
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You are welcome bro!
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