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Dead Island

Cover I did for the Dead Island Comic Con/online custom comic. :)
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FreddyFagbear43's avatar
I Love Dead Island!
residentsmile's avatar
Till death do us apart MY ASS!!!
Teterence's avatar
really nice and this game is fun !
KyuubitheZoroark's avatar
Here comes the bride.... to eat your flesh....
Chompasaurus's avatar
He could do a lot better.
JustinB22's avatar
This game still kicks zombie ass!
passing37's avatar
Its the bride witch :)

:iconellissfaceplz: how did she escape from Left 4 Dead 2?
Uliax3's avatar
Wonderful!! I LOVE it!
deshune's avatar
really need need to play this
Vegasman20195's avatar
Husband; I want a divorce dear
Wife: BRAINS !!!!!
Husband: fuck
Punchb0wl's avatar
Stunning work. Great game, too.
Shimex's avatar
Poor flying cake...
Gillistan's avatar
Beautiful weather............ check
Gillistan's avatar
Lovely island setting for a wedding........... check
Blushing bride in a gorgeous gown............. check
Nervous groom waiting at the altar............ check
Zombie outbreak holocaust to blow it all to hell....... Double check

Nice work!!
DeepSilverCM's avatar
This is amazing!
guk-unst's avatar
don't get married, ;-)
awesome pic
Cubeninjas1990's avatar
now that captured the experience perfectly to me :D
Gimaldinov's avatar
Wow! Love this game! And art is perfect!
Baltazar135's avatar
since i buyed this game my brother for birthday he never stopped playing it.
must be good.
like this art =)
Adrianohq's avatar
Great art My Brother :)
maumanga's avatar
That´s a good zombie game. And that´s a GOOD drawing as well.
Do you happen to know who did the drawing for the main game cover?
ERASERHEAD0's avatar
What a lovely bride
darknesswthn's avatar
that's a wedding I'd not want to be in!
kakisenshi2's avatar
I love your work man!
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