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Daredevil walkthrough

:) okay, here a little process/walkthrough with some quick notes. Maybe someone finds it helpful:

1: layout sketch, basic colors and shapes. Want a cover-like feeling so I choose an in-your-face approach.

2: start rendering with a hard edged brush and an airbrush – put in basic color and light/shades

3.little color adjustment and more quick rendering

4.realise that the pose is too „standard“, so I change it. Make him also bigger for more impact. Also change the shape of the bg for a better negative space.

5.The time consuming part begins – the more detailed rendering.

6.detailing the background

7.change the backlight, put more focus(contrast) on the face, try a different lighting for the background in the lower corners

8.go back to the darker background, more detailing on the bg, add motion blur to the FG (also tried to blur the whole BG(not seen here) – was intense but lost a bit the feel for the scene) rendering, changing little stuff like his headshape and adding stuff as the DD on his chest. Also throw in a second bg color to enhance the depth
Overall I tried to keep it simple enough to keep the flow of it.

final pice: [link]
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Ah, so that's how it's done.
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Cant believe the first one ends up to be the last! Great work and very informative! :)
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Awesome tutorial!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
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do u use PS to color? great work
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what brush did you use for the first and 2nd step?..I really enjoy the texture and rigidness it has.
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hm...not sure. Just a simple angular hard-edged brush I guess.
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nice tutorial !!
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This all done digitally?
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Nice work, on so many levels!
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AWESOME! a great to see the process of an amazing piece!
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great walkthru! thanks for sharing.

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God you're awesome. Thank you for this!
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how many hours would this take for you?
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beyond brilliant!! thanks for sharing
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Wow! It's always really cool looking at these step-by-step walkthroughs, it's so interesting seeing all the various steps involved into making a masterpiece like that ~ :D
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i have to say the second pose you chose is in fact MUCH better than the first one, although it would probably still look kick ass with your randering and all :D

nice one thx
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booooommmbastic ... +fav
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