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Crimson Viper cols

hah - I gave it a try: [link]

----> lineart isn't done by me this time!!

lineart: Steven Cummings
colors and "background": me

I color someone elses work really rarely, so this was new ground for me. :)
And since she looks way more badass in the game, I tried to give her a little more determined look with the rendering without changing too much.
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Nice job. Really good coloring and background. I like it. :)
Somthing different obout space and action composition.
A-Free-MAN's avatar
i absolutely love your stuff!!! its amazing! and i read the walkthrough you gave on your captian america/ dead pool picture, it really helped me out!!!
ChristianNauck's avatar
Thanks! Glad it was helpful! :)
kkht311's avatar
Fantastic artwork.

Love the coloring.
Arevish's avatar
cool light effect
Sapphire-Circuit's avatar
This is a really great pic. Its dynamic and kinda relaxing all at the same time. Really nice.
Also, great boobs :)
illahstrait's avatar
very purty colors
042874's avatar
Great job man!!! :headbang: I don't know why but... Crimson Viper reminds me a lot of Evelyn Salt...
BillMcKay's avatar
That is very cool.
DJ-OMZ's avatar
The details are good, and i like the pink hair instead of using red color, it looks better.
A really nice job you did here.
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very cool looking artwork!
TheArtributor's avatar
Great colors. You really put your own stamp on this. :thumbsup:
Ayatomi's avatar
Awesome art work.
DisfiguredStick's avatar
What a beautiful style.
prosack's avatar
awesome work, the colors .... man is so great¡¡¡¡
kurama805's avatar
a lil to innocent for viper but good job none the less
awsome this reminds me of air gear
leafinsectman's avatar
Wow this is great! My wife is actually playing SFIV as I type this :)
FingersCreateDestroy's avatar
Great Crimson Viper rendition man. Now we know how she jet-sets from spot to spot. She's also probably the best of the new-comers in IV at that but Abel seems pretty good; Rufus is actually decent and El Fuerte...oh El Fuerte how you let me down SO MUCH!!! But I'll try him more I guess.
AJthe90skid's avatar
Man this is tight!
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