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~ The Beachhouse ~

Completely done in C4D R16. The little plants are from the preset library... :-)
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Really an over all great work, from macro to totality. I feel like there is a story being told, and that I am a part of watching it, through the window of your artwork. Consistency within the Lighting, rendering, and attention to subtle details, such as car exhaust and dog house etc. these are among the most notable positive aspects. there is no negativity, I enjoy the hues, and style, and overall feel. the only thing I would mention is that the upper right feels like it needs one more bird for balance. Keep up the great work, I bet that companies like pixar would be interesting in both your artistic vision and talent, based on this one.
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Really amazing. I hope one day I can create a piece like that. Loved the car.
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Awesome Scene/Concept !
Great holiday spot :)
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buen trabajo!, esta muy bien la iluminación, las texturas, la arena tal vez no se ve tan natural ya que esta muy igualada en la fluidez y suavidad que deja ver en una playa, pero quitando eso, esta increible. 
Disculpa si mi argumento tal vez no provenga de la clase de artista que esperas, espero ayudar. Sigue con el buen trabajo. Felicitaciones!
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...die Strand Spiegelung in der Stoßstange - sie dir das mal an - man sieht das Quadrat vom "Ground" - und der rosa Ring (Gummi mit Palme)Textur ist zu grob - sonst super ;-)
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Could see this being a great level for worms 3D :D
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Awesome artwork, nice one :)
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Fabulous creation, I almost get the feeling of something out of the movie 'Up'
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Awesome creation! 
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