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This is a tinsel painting I made for art class, and probably the best one I've made so far.  For those of you who don't know what a tinsel painting is, it is a type of painting on glass.  You find a picture you like and find a picture frame.  One you do this, you take the glass out of the frame, place it on top of the picture, and outline the picture on the glass in permanent marker.  After this is done, you can paint it.  Once you are finished painting it and the paint has dried, you place aluminum foil behind the glass and place it back in its frame.  The bird in this picture is an ice phoenix on top of a snowy mountain with snowflakes falling around her.

    This may be my best tinsel painting so far, but what's even more amazing is the story behind it.  I am a Christian attending a private school, and when I was trying to come up with an idea for a tinsel painting, I couldn't think of anything.  But then I know that God gave me inspiration for it, and from the moment I started to draw the ice phoenix on paper, I felt that this was inspired by God.  I had some doubts about the legs and the wings (I tend to exaggerate on those areas when I draw birds) but I felt that He told me to keep them as they were.  Looking back on it, the dimentions were (and are) perfect.  After I had finished drawing the ice phoenix, I took the glass out of the picture frame, taped it to the original drawing, and outlined the ice phoenix in Sharpie pen.  I drew the mountain on the glass.  Whenever I worked on this art piece, I asked God to give me inspiration and to guide my hand as I drew and painted this.
    When I started painting it, I felt God showing me which colors to use for the ice phoenix and for the background.  I had some doubts because I mixed glass paints in previous years (which I wasn't supposed to do), but I felt God assuring me that it would be okay.  I realized one time while I was in the car that the paints I has mixed were just for glass, and that they were not designed to be mixed.  The one I was going to use for this painting were multi-surface paints, so for this it would be okay to mix colors.  I felt that He showed me how to mix which colors when I started to do so.  I trusted Him to guide every area of this artwork to even the snowflakes which are around the ice phoenix.  If you look closely at the formation of the snowflakes in front of her chest, you can see it's in the formation of a cross.  I don't believe this was a coincidence.  
    The last thing I painted was the background, which is light gray.  I had mixed the paint, but I had not finished applying it, so the paint I had mixed was dried out the next day.  A section of the painting remained unfinished.  It gets to be a bit loud in my art class with people talking and the radio playing, so I may have a hard time focusing.  The day the paint had dried out, my art teacher went home sick and we were instructed to go to the library.  However, my art teacher and the people in the front office were fine with me going to the art room by myself to finish the piece.  When I was in that room alone, I felt that in that moment it was just me and God, and I could feel His presence in that room.  I tried to salvage what was left of the gray paint that had dried, but I couldn't do much with it.  Then something miraculous happened: God allowed me to duplicate the color of the gray paint exactly.  I know this was Him because I could never do that on my own.  I mixed the gray paint and finished applying it.  When I did so, I realized that it was just the right amount of paint because none of it was wasted.  I knew that it was God guiding me because I tend to mix too much paint and therefore end up wasting some of it.  I also knew this was directed by Him because I know that I could never do things like these in my own strength.  To take credit for something He did would be blasphemy.  I thanked Him for this opportunity I had to finish the tinsel painting.  I am also thankful that I get to tell this story.
    Now you're probably wondering where I got the title for this art piece.  At one point, I thought about how in the Bible, snow represents God presence.  The snow would be all around the ice phoenix.  I also thought of the line from Big Hero 6 where Baymax says, "Tadashi is here".  But then I would replace "Tadashi" with "Jesus" and I would say to myself, "Jesus is here".  This is when I thought, "That's what it's called."
    So yeah, I basically wrote you a story, but there it is.  Bye for now, and God bless!
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