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Elsa x-men

re imagining elsa as an x-men character...and olaf as a dinosaur..ahaha...i really enjoyed doing this...ALL GLORY TO GOD..
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Hey, i have an X-Men project i am working on, and this version of Elsa could be really interesting to maybe incorporate into an Exiles team that will also be part of the project. Would you be ok with me using this design?

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Elsa also has hydrokinesis, telekinesis, magic, cryo-fire, palm fire manipulation, cryo-teleportation, cryo-astro-projection and rainstorm manipulation.
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No she doesn't, she only has ice powers. This isn't your fanfiction, okay.
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Ok. Yeah. It's true that Elsa don't have some of those powers right now. But one day Elsa will have most of those powers. Elsa's ice powers get stronger over time as she gets older. Freya the ice queen, Ingrid the ice queen and Snow Queen can do most of those powers on that list. Elsa has some new powers in Frozen 2.
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No, she won't, and none of those characters have anything to do with Elsa because they're from different movies and different franchises. Stop making up bullshit and spreading it across the internet. No one is listening to your nonsense.

Most people don't even like you because you're crazy, stupid or a troll. And I don't blame them.
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Impressive work!
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If Elsa was a mutant,like Bobby Drake aka Iceman!
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Oh quite the creativity.
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Wow, this looks fantastic! And I can legit see Elsa joining the X-Men.
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Not bad at all. Great job, on Elsa's X-men costume and the blue colouring is very stylish and well done.
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You're welcome.
I love how well this idea works
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they already have an xmen character who controls would that work?
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Oh my god! I just found this picture and knew that I was looking for this. She and Bobby would make such a great couple.
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ahaha..thank you so much. I really appreciate it. :D you can follow me on instagram:…
or fb:…
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I own a copy of this :D I got from you in Winnipeg comic con 2014 along with the anna
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nice. thank you for the support. I will keep on making more. :D
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Cool Work!;) (Wink)  THIS is what I imagined about Elsa myself, that she was REALLY in need of Professor X from "X-MEN":D (Big Grin) 
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