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Sure noticed my absence, may wonder that
The truth is that I haven't internet and I do not know when i can have internet connection
But I am uploading a few wips and drawings here in deviantart

I will continue making videos, I have some facts:
Nightmare Springtrap[Edit+video]
Nightmare Toy Bonnie V2[Edit+video]
Nightmare Chica FNAF1 [Edit+video]
FNAF4-Teaser Nightmare Freddy [Drawing- not video]

In process:
Nightmare PlushTrap[Edit+video]
Nightmare Puppet [Edit+Video]
Terra Formars-Keiji(Not FNAF) [Drawin- not video]
Nightmare Bonnie FNAF1 [Edit+video]
Nightmare Bonnie FNAF2 [Edit+video]
Withered Mangle [Edit+Video]
Withered BB [Edit+Video]
FNAF4-Jack'o all [Edit+Video]
Animetronic purple [Edit+video]
Nightmare Freddy Plushtrap [Edit+Video]

There will be more!
When I have internet connection,upload all
Bye,until next time!
Normally I get your comments
But today I realized that I did not get your comments
Only seem old comments (What i have not responded)
But a few days ago that I have this error
anyone know how to fix it ?
Sorry for my English </3
I have a lot of work so I do not think I can
Until Saturday coming
Mm ... maybe make a commission on Tuesday
 I'm thinking of doing some kind of speedpaint, but edits, Perhaps next month 
 Mm .. now edit only the head will cost 100 points, on Sunday 6th (To a Cheap) 

Take care and have a good day! :)
See you !

Comisiones el proximo sabado

Tengo un montón de trabajo, así que no creo que pueda hacer commisiones
Hasta el próximo sábado
Mm ... tal vez haga una comisión el martes
 Estoy pensando en hacer algún tipo de speedpaint, pero edit, Tal vez el próximo mes 
Mm .. ahora edits (sólo la cabeza) tendrá un costo de 100 points, el domingo 6 (A un barato) 
Cuidese y que tenga un buen día!
Nos vemos !
Hello friends / followers !
Friends, I wanted to tell you:
- I'm not dead(wtf XD)

Sorry for not entering the deviantart for a while, it is that I have low grades and I have to study and send me quantities of tasks :P

Tomorrow I have a surprise, stay tuned and be quick!

I hope are tightly! regards :)
1.Must be about FNAF
2.All animatronics must be mentioned by their official names. This excludes Endoskeleton, Balloon Girl, Shadow Freddy, Shadow Bonnie, Purple Guy and Golden Bonnie, who you can use their fandom names
3.Must have the genders correct
4.A journal entry must be made
5.You may ask others about your FNAF OCs
6.You must ask 10 questions
7.You can't FNAF Tag someone who doesn't know about FNAF
8.You must FNAF Tag 10 people (I guess)
9.You MAY FNAF Tag back, but if you choose not to, you don't have to
10.Try to get the facts right (I forgot what I was gonna say)
11.You may use FNAF fan games in questions
12.You can't say you don't do FNAF Tags

The Questions:
1. Left shark or right shark?
-Right shark

2. Who's your favorite aniamtronic?
-Bonnie and Freddy

3. Rate the following animatronics from best to worst: Foxy, Golden Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Springtrap, Toy Chica
-Golden Freddy - Foxy - Springtrap - Withered Bonnie - Toy Chica

4. Pick one of my emoticons to describe how you're feeling right now
Bready mmm whatcha say 

5. If you could have any kind of food you wanted right now, what would it be?
-PizzaChica is a Boss (Chat Icon) 

6. What's your favorite thing that I've ever done
-Springtrap is Watching You (Chat Icon) 

7. do you get moist whenever you think of bready?

8. Are you wearing anything on your feet?

9. What

10. Bonnie Baloney 
-Complete bitch :bademoticon: 

No label someone why yolo Swag-trap the pimp-daddy Illuminati  Swag-trap the pimp-daddy 

Scared Cute Mini-Freddy Chat Icon 
Thank you very much to all the people who follow me and gave me Llamas
Well .. I'm new to the DeviantArt not understand many things
I see many people like my edit or drawings
I wanted to say ... .. Thanks
Especially those who follow me, give llamas and They comment
Thanks .. ^^

PS: I'm not good at speaking English xD