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Realistic Megaman X

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Character  Megaman x
Realistic Megaman X made in Photoshop
You can see some of the process on my instagram:…
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AsapTenebraeHobbyist General Artist

J'aime bien le coté metallique et les reflets de lumière sur ce dessin ,bravo!

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TwoThirdsReluctanceStudent General Artist

I think the idea of creating realism through textures while still keeping the stylistic, cartoon proportions is a neat one to say the least. It's quite superbly executed as well. Good work.

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I am writing this Comment on behalf of :iconprojectcomment:

What you have brought to the table is a Amazing Image of one of the most iconic Characters in Video Games: X.
He appears ready for battle with his trusty X-Buster inside what appears to be an Abandoned Factory of some kind.

Now, while Photo-manipulation is normally seen as a Questionable or Controversial method of art, I firmly believe that, if done correctly, it can bring forth Mesmerizing pieces of art.
Your piece here is no exception.  

++ Positives ++

+ (Character Detail) Probably the Best part of the entire piece. The Detail on X is Astounding, from the details and expression on his face, to the X-Buster being held by his Left Hand. The Color of his Armor is very vibrant, and the Red Lights coming off the Center Crystal and the Right side of his Helmet are a Great Touch. Excellent work on all fronts.

+ (Shading and Lighting) This likely won't be discussed as much as the detail is, but the Lighting and Shading both flow very freely in this piece. The Bright spots are fitting and never overwhelming, while the Dark spots and transitions look incredibly smooth. This is something that is very difficult to get right, but yet, it's pulled in a masterful way in this piece.

+ (Background) Nobody's probably mentioned this until now, but the Factory Background behind X is very fitting for such a piece, as most of the Encounters with various Mavericks likely take place in Factories like this, whether they are still functioning or completely decommissioned. So I appreciate this addition, despite it likely not getting the recognition it deserves.

-- Negative --

- (Transitions between Details) This is my only negative, and it's relatively minor, but I believe it should be mentioned. The Transitions between some of the Character Detail and Armor do seem a bit... off. Primarily, The Fingers on the X-Buster and the bottom right side of X's Face between the Right Shoulder Pad. Again, it's a minor nitpick, but can be somewhat distracting.

== Conclusion ==
Overall, I'm very impressed with your work here. As a Fan of the Mega Man X Series, I appreciate great artwork showcasing the extremely variable Maverick Hunter, and this one impresses me greatly. The Background is fitting, the Shading and Lighting are fantastic, and the overall detail on X is flat out amazing. Improvements can be made on some of the transitions, but all together, this artwork of X is simply sensational!

-- SoundFX09 --
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Sir-Duke01Student Traditional Artist
X, plz don't shoot me.
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HayateHayashi94Hobbyist Digital Artist
OHAYO SEKAI Good Morning World! I'm here in behalf of :iconprojectcomment:
Will get to review ur artwork right away.

Well, being a fan for Megaman for quite some time, he still stands out as one, no wonder why he (well not really X but Megaman original) is the poster boy of Capcom (alongside Ryu). Anyway...
I see it's all full of photomanipulation, I don't think u used Xnalara or Autodesk to do those CGI. (though I remembered reviewing or commenting on ur previous artwork before, about DK and the Empire State Building)
In general, He looks pretty amazing in how u layout the layers for each. The metallic effect looks neat and spot on (though a little flaky in some metals). X's skin looks professional-like (I mean I never seen X with human skin, since he's a robot, or so-called "Reploids) And also the glossy-metallic finish for the other features on his helm.
Though for photomanipulation, a minor remark would be to add some more shadows to give it a vibrant touch. I mean I see few shadows on X's left hand while holding his X-Buster.

But so far, so good. a much better improvement u made recently. I hope to see more brilliant photomanipulation like this in the future. ;)
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Yes, is photomanipulation indeed, combining and modifying images from real life, thanks a lot for the feedback.

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NikyleProductionsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! I found this on ProjectComment and I will review this with "Anatomy" then "Coloring and Shading" then "Background" then "My Final Thoughts."

Anatomy: It really good! The work on the arm up front is excellent! And u drew the fingers really well! The only thing I can see that is a little off is that X's head is a little too off to the left and too away from his neck. But other then that, it's good!

Coloring and Shading: It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the way u color, it's so bright and pleasing to the eyes! And ur highlights are so amazing, and it's almost perfect, tho I see a spot on the left side of his chest that could be highlighted. When it comes to shading, it's pretty good as well. But the little shading and highlighting on his face looks off compared to the rest of his body. But other then that, it's amazing!

Background: It's great! It's unique and creative! And the blurred effect helps X pop out. That all I can really say about it.

My Final Thoughts: Overall, this is amazing Mega Man X fanart! U r very talented! And I hope the best for u and ur art! And I hope to see more from u in the future! ~NikyleProductions
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EvernoirAftermathHobbyist Digital Artist
AHHH I LOVE IT!! when you say "realistic" it really is very realistic!! i love the lighting and the texturing you made on his cannon too!

It also have a very nice balance between realism and that cartoony / anime-y feels of X's face. Really amazing!
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celicatoHobbyist Digital Artist

This is absolutely amazing! I love the texture going on here and the "sheen" on X! Good job!

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Joseph-ProwerStudent Artist
Holy crap that is so cool I love it how did you make that?
I am so jealous how long did it take you back that is like something I wish I could make
I love it the face is crazy and so realistic dude
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i used some things from real life and modified it, the face for example is from a real dude but modified, you can see (some) of the process on my instagram, on the future i'm going to share a more detailed process for my drawings

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Joseph-ProwerStudent Artist
That is cool I will check it out
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Fantástico trabajo!.Clap Clap 

Particularmente buen trabajo en lo referente a las texturas y la iluminación!.:) (Smile) 
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Muchas Gracias!

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No hay de que...!.;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) 
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ACmetalman Artist

really nice work here dude, X is one of my favorite characters in the megaman series

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Princess-FaithraStudent General Artist
I :heart: Mega man!!!! Great job M8!!!
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