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Panzerkampfwagen XII Kaisertiger

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The Pzkpfw. XII Kaisertiger, or Emperor Tiger, was an upgrade to the Tiger II, or King Tiger, designed in 1947 by Porsche. It retained the look of a Panther, yet much more heavier armoured than the King Tiger. Production started in late May of 1947, but due to the Germany still recovering from the Battle of Berlin, only 189 were built. It was armed with a 12.8 cm (128 mm) Pak 44, and needed two loaders for the massive shell. The turret was fairly small, but heavily armoured. Like its little brother the King Tiger, it was plagued with maintenance problems, like the transmission failures and gas leaks. It had such a low range, many were used for defensive battle along the streets of France. It performed even worse than the King Tiger did.
Production ended in early 1948, when the Allies again retook North France from German control. It was also designed with an alternate front on the 100th vehicle onwards, which was a much more sloped front that extended the whole front of the vehicle. That variant was known as the Kaisertiger Ausf. B. It could carry 70 rounds of either APCBC or HEAT rounds. The APCBC could pierce 300 mm of armour at 100 meters, and the HEAT round could pierce 100 mm of armour at 100 meters. Interestingly, it had no co-axial machine gun, only a bow mounted MG43 and another one on the commander’s hatch for AA defense.
Porsche Model #9113943HV SPECIFICATIONS:
Length x Width x Height (FT): 23.45 x 13.3/14.5 (Alt. Front) x 11 FT
Crew: 6 (Commander, driver, gunner, two loaders, mg gunner/radio operator)
Weight (TON): 75.3 tons battle ready
Armament: 12.8 cm (128 mm) Pak 44, 70 rounds, two 7.92 mm MG34, 5800 rounds
Range (MI): 100 MI, 85 MI off-road
Armor (MM):
Side: 175 mm (max)
Front: 205 mm (max)/208 mm (Alt. front max)
Turret: 80 mm (max)
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