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These screenshots show the Kaori Sakura theme icons that you see on my Control Panel category view, My Pictures to see the folder style, and also the drives in My Computer.

**Please note that I renamed "Computer" to "My Computer." I came to Windows 7 from XP when I got a new laptop and I just liked it that way better.**

Compiling this icon theme has been truly a labor of love. It took countless hours over a couple weeks for me to finish. The credit for these icons goes entirely to their artists who created them and not me. The talent of the icon artists truly amazes me. My mission was to put together a complete Windows 7 icon theme of Japanese and Chinese icons. I have done my best to give a complete credit listing for the icons I am showing on this page and the pages it links to. This was no small task.

Control Panel Icons
* Japanese Garden Lantern (System and Security): Part of Yoritsuki Icons [link] by ~HYBRIDWORKS
* Old linked coins icon (Network and Internet): Part of Treasure Icons [link]
* Hibachi Icon (Hardware and Sound): Part of the Edo 1603-1867 The Tools of Japan icon set by Mikio Inose
* Wooden Sign Icon (Programs): Part of Yoritsuki Icons [link] by ~HYBRIDWORKS
* Two Jade Figurines (User Accounts and Family Safety): Part of Pack Yuuyake icon pack [link] by ~dunedhel
* Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree (Appearance and Personalization): Part of Treasure Icons [link]
* Old Compass (Clock, Language and Region): Part of the Koari icon pack [link] by ~dunedhel
My Computer (Computer) Icons
* Wooden Cherry Blossom Decorated Boxes (Drives): Part of the Koari icon pack [link] by ~dunedhel
My Pictures Icons
Showcasing the Windows 7 Live and Data Folders.
* These lovely marble textured Live and Data Folders were made by ~Drawder and come in a variety of colors. So I mixed and matched colors together for the Folder Front, Folder Back, and Data Folder components of the Live Folders. I think the result is very elegant. Here are the links for the White, Pink, and Black folder colors I used:
-White: [link]
-Pink: [link]
-Black: [link]

** On a side note, let me explain that I searched high and low for Windows 7 Live folders that complemented the silver folders of the Kaori icon pack that I started with. Most icon sets and packages are missing these live folders. But luckily several good artists on deviantART made replacement Windows 7 Live folders. I believe Windows Vista has these Live Folders too.

Decorative Accents
* The cherry blossom background image: Sakura wallpaper [link] by ~simzcom
* Cherry Blossoms clipart: M/Y/D/S Clipart graphics
* Cherry Blossom Branch: found on My Blog Makeover Accessories
* Japanese Doll: [link] found on the Daily Overview website.
* Purple Water Lily Flower: is from the PSD Water Lily Pack1 [link] by *Ma5tt
* Mouse: Part of the Chinese Zodiac icon set [link] by ~wizzyloveszebras
* Chinese Butterfly Kite clipart: Part of Treasure Icons [link]

:bulletred: Click here to see the Introduction Page and Dedication.
:bulletblue: Click here to see the Desktop Screenshot.
:bulletorange: Click here to see the Start Menu, User Folder, and Libraries icons.
:bulletgreen: Click here to see the All Control Panel Items view icons.
:bulletpurple: Click here to see the File Type icons.

I would love to know what you think about the icon theme I compiled and what your favorite icons are. Favs and constructive comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking at this icon theme project. :wave:
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Is this downloadable?[link]
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:butterfly: Sorry for the late reply as I haven't been on deviantART in a while. I cannot offer the Kaori Sakura Icon Theme for download because I compiled this theme from many many sources and the credit for these icons goes entirely to their artists who created them and not me. I would have to get permission from many sources to offer them for download. It is also the reason I chose to put this theme in the desktop customization screenshot category.

I did however give links to where I got all the icons from and the programs I used in case anybody would like to build this theme too and use it. Keep in mind you will need special software, I explain more on other pages of this theme.