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Compiling this icon theme has been truly a labor of love. It took countless hours over a couple weeks for me to finish. The credit for these icons goes entirely to their artists who created them and not to me. The talent of the icon artists truly amazes me. My mission was to put together a complete Windows 7 icon theme of Japanese and Chinese icons. I have done my best to give a complete credit listing for the icons I am showing on this page and the pages it links to. This was no small task.

**Please note that I renamed "Computer" to "My Computer." I came to Windows 7 from XP when I got a new laptop and I just liked it that way better.

* Jade Dragon icon: Part of Treasure Icons [link]
* [Shield, butterfly, paper crane, china vase, earphones, My Computer (Computer), waterfall, printed silver folders icons, green tea bowl recycle bin, and 3 china vases icons]: All are part of the Kaori icon pack [link] by ~dunedhel
* Sushi icon (Desktop): by ~dunedhel. It is his deviantID image. Used with permission.
* Panda Icon (User Folder): Part of the Animals icon set [link] by VisualPharm. I love this panda!
* red chest or box (used for my Far East Icon Theme Library icon) and the blue box (folder?) icon (used for the Libraries icon): part of China characteristic-Mac-OS set [link] by ~jaywang
* Mahjong One Bamboo Icon (Games): [link] by Martin Persson.
* Paper and brush icon (Tracing): [link] part of a Chinese style icon set by Uriel as featured on Design Swan
* IconPackager Icon: [link] found on
* Printer icon: Part of the Computer Hardware icon set [link] by VisualPharm
* Film strip icon (Videos): [link] by Mentelrey
* Porcelain bowl with bamboo and scrolls icon (Documents): [link] by Uriel as featured on Design Swan
* Framed Geisha Photo (Pictures Library icon): Geisha [link] is a beautiful stock photo by ~rensstocknstuff
* Kokeshi doll (Contacts): not positive where I originally got it from but it can be found here

* Sakura Background Wallpaper: [link] by ~simzcom
* Cherry Blossoms clip-art: [link] by M/Y/D/S Clipart graphics
* Cherry Blossom Branch: found on My Blog Makeover Accessories
* White Rabbit: part of the Chinese Zodiac icon set [link] by: ~wizzyloveszebras
* Paper Crane: Part of the Kaori icon pack [link] by ~dunedhel
* Japanese Doll: [link] found on the Daily Overview website.

:bulletred: Click here to see the Introduction Page and Dedication.
:bulletblue: Click here to see the Desktop Screenshot.
:bulletpink: Click here to see the Control Panel, My Computer (Computer) and My Pictures folders icons.
:bulletgreen: Click here to see the All Control Panel Items view icons.
:bulletpurple: Click here to see the File Type icons.

I would love to know which is your favorite icon or few (lol). Favs and constructive comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking at this icon theme project
! :wave:
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Hi, maybe I'm stupid but I read several times all about this, and I didn't find the link to download these icons ? Where can I get it ?
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:butterfly: I am so glad that you like the “Kaori Icon Theme” I have put together. Unfortunately because I have compiled these icons into a theme and am not the original artist for the icons I cannot offer this theme for download. I would have to get permission from countless icon artists in order to be able to do that which is not really feasible. I just wanted to show what I was able to do with all these icons which is why I uploaded these images into the “Customization/Desktop/Screenshots/Windows category and not into "Customization/Icons" category for original icons.

However, if you like these icons I gave credit links to each and every icon and some are part of icon packs. And on one of the pages of this theme, I also explained what programs I used to put this icon theme together. I used the program called IconPackager to actually change the icons on my computer. It is possible for anybody to put this icon theme together using the source links I have given and the IconPackager program.

I hope my explanation has  helped you understand better about the Icon Theme I put together and why I do not offer the whole thing for download but instead give source links to the icons I used. And this page is just part of the theme, if you look above under "Additional Links for the Kaori Sakura Icon Theme" you will find the other page links.

Thanks again for your interest! :butterfly:
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Thank you for your answer :)
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Nice presentation ... good job
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One of the most interesting uses of my stock pictures to date! Thanks for sharing the link. I'm glad my picture came in handy for this great theme!
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:) Sorry this is late but thank you so much for the nice compliment and the beautiful stock geisha photo.
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oye ese es un tema...lo q pasa es que ya tengo esos iconos :) lo primero q hice fue buscar sobre esto porq amo la SAKURA enormente en el anime y el arbol porfa un link para descargar el es q existe asii tal cual... Love
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I am so sorry it took me so long to reply but I have not been active on deviantART for months. Unfortunately I don't speak or read Spanish and I tried a couple translation websites but the translations did not make sense. Thank you for your comment though.
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