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The Pone Wars 4.15: Gordian Lock

There is a distinct lack of consistency when it comes to the effects of ionized plasma when applied to electronic locks in the Star Wars 'verse.  Sometimes it makes doors open and sometimes it makes them stay closed.  Conveniently, this tends to correspond to whatever the writers require at the time :)

(In the movie it's Ventress who does this, but it seemed much more like a Rainbow Dash thing to do than a Fluttershy thing so I gave it to Skywishes instead).

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I'd go with "good guy" if I were you; more often than not that's the answer that doesn't get you hurt.
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You sure about that? They say it all the time on Doctor Who and they usually get locked up for their troubles.
It occurs to me that it might be like tryingto say "Parley?" when confronted by pirates in a Caribbean movie.
The episodes where it doesn't get them locked up are really short, so most stations don't bother airing them.
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And also altered them memories a little.
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That was cute, love that last panel.
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In this war Derpy-droid, you rarely get THAT choice... ^^;
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I'm probably the last one to notice this, but is Ginger Snap a changeling, or did you forget the eye-magic rule? :P
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Her magic is green.  Her eyes aren't.  Thus, she is a changeling.
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That's the first time I've heard that. And from having had to look up what some ponies' aura colors are for the comic, I know for a fact that eye color has nothing to do with it.
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The only time a unicorn's magic color doesn't always match their eyes is if their eyes are blue.  Sweetie Belle has green magic and green eyes.  Lyra is green but her eyes are yellow, so her magic is yellow.  What is the exception to that rule that you're talking about?
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Twilight Sparkle (purple/magenta), Celestia (lavender/yellow), Flurry Heart (aquamarine/yellow), a bunch of random background ponies (various eye colors/white).

While there may be a trend toward matching eye colors and aura colors (presumably for the same design reasons that this is a trope), it's not a rule by any means.

In this case, Ginger Snap's eyes are brown because they're exactly the same as Cookiecutter's, and her magic is green because Cookiecutter's is too, because I had to do something to show that they were related.

(edit: also, just in this comic, Skywishes (green/red, though we've only seen it once when she isn't Dark Feather), Ahzoka (blue/eventually going to be white), and Gracenote (green/blue)).
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Purplish eyes and purplish glow on Twilight, and both of your other specific examples are not unicorns.  Background ponies obviously don't count for anything, since they often end up accidental alicorns or flying without wings, etc.
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Way to move goalposts :P

Point being, I don't think 'matching eye and aura color' is part of the studio's QC - it's infinitely more likely to be a shortcut for the artists, because when you have to complement coat color, mane color, and eye color, that's one less decision point.  In any case, it is definitely not part of my process - the only time eye color matters in this comic is when you see a character with blue fading to purple with lavender highlights, it's probably Queen Vespa.
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I figure the doors have a fail safe when they lose power.  Most of the time you want such things to fail open, but, if you have a highly fortified bunker holding a set of critical controls, you might want that to fail closed.  Especially if you don't actually mind if your soldiers starve to death, suffocate, or whatever.
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There are plenty of examples in the series of things failing the opposite way you'd expect for that type of facility.
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They'd probably like us to pretend that it depends on what components you hit. Can't really break it down logically, but depending on what you hit, it could end up triggering the signal for opening, or just breaking the panel and leaving you with no controls to mess with. Or, if the doors are hydraulic, you might actually hit the hydraulic line and leave it with no pressure to move the door - assuming they're designed for fail-closed, this would technically make them possible to brute-force open, if you had a way to get a good enough grip and enough brute muscle to move them. 
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