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The Pone Wars 2.4: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

In the original draft, instead of being rescued from Maxilla by the princesses in the alleyway, the four of them scattered, and Moon Moth was eventually rescued by Ginger Snap (who she mistook for Fettlock) and for whatever reason, Ginger took her along when tracking Fettlock to Kapalomino.  I decided this was a bad idea, and went through several more revisions, none of which initially included Ginger Snap but all of which ended up having her in them eventually because otherwise Moon Moth would spend the entire time talking to herself.

As should be apparent from the name, coloring, and general attitude, Ginger Snap is Cookiecutter's grandmother, thus explaining why Cookiecutter has an innate talent for magic despite being an earth pony, and also why she wears an armored saddle all the time even though her magic shield makes it redundant (it's cultural).  Ginger is supposed to have the same accent as Fettlock (just a little less thick to make it more readable), but sometimes I accidentally find myself slipping into Applejack's by mistake and have to go back and edit.

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Until the reveal, I was thinking it might be Applejack as well. So the accent is certainly close.

And, I don't think she is being 100% complete with the cop in the last panel :-).
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That's pretty much it, actually. Apart from being stung that nopony would listen to her, that is.

Teenage Moon Moth hasn't quite learned about the importance of planning ahead yet. Or plausible deniability, for that matter.
No more autographs when I get through... >8)
*sneaks in his cell with marshmallow creme*
If you know so much about her, why are you surprised that she didn't think this through?
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Just because she's in Who's Who doesn't mean that ponies know much about her personality.
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There is something about Mando armor thats cool. Still waiting on a ARC-Pony though.
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Never has there been a case of 'clothes maketh the man' quite like Boba Fett.  It's pretty much all he's got going for him.
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Well that and a few lines and a very stupid death and a hilarious Robot Chicken sketch where he gets freaky with a Han Solo statue.
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Ok I like the new pony, very cool, can't wait for the next page.
The fact that the first thing she does when she thinks she's in actual danger is "threaten them with mommy's money and power" says a lot about her character.  
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Well, as of the moment she doesn't have the power she'll later hold during the Galactic Civil War.
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She's got more than enough allowance money to do her own bribing, if she were so inclined, but threats tend to be a bit more effective, and that frees up money to be channeled into more contraband Dash merch.
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ohhh, i like ginger snap :D
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Fettlock. He's so hot right now. Fettlock.
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That's some cool undercover cop armor. :XD:
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Somepony's a fan of him.
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