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The Pone Wars 2.3: OOC

I've been hinting at some sort of mysterious backstory for Edelweiss and Stagelight.  I'm a bit unclear on the details myself - only that they aren't Halteraanian, they've been together for considerably longer than they've worked for Flurry Heart, and their prior career is something they prefer not to talk about.

Sirocco's, on the other hand, is quite simple - she's a granddaughter of the matriarch of House Wind, a few steps removed from the line of succession (making Wind Whistler even further down the line, as she's Sirocco's twelfth daughter), and growing up she used to be Moon Moth's foalsitter - which necessarily meant helping to cover up the worst of Moon Moth's rebellious escapades.  When finally Moth did something too heinous to successfully conceal, Sirocco took the blame for it and got quietly shuffled off to the Halteraan embassy to avoid embarrassing the family.  The only downside to this from her perspective is that her living allowance as a disgraced ambassador isn't sufficient to cover her extravagant tastes in accessories, so she has to mooch food off the Princess's household to be able to afford fashionable tack.

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Never mind Stagelight + Edleweiss, or Sirroco + MoonMoth, what is the Stagelight + Sirroco backstory? These two have a history ...

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Sirocco is the official ambassador to Halteraan, but because it's a punishment post she has more in common with these two than with the actual aristocrats in the court.

Moon Moth runs away from home on a regular basis. Harvest Moon has several bounty hunters on permanent retainer to bring her back.
Which makes me wonder. How well does she know the bounty hunters that recover her? Has she become friends with any of them, gotten to know their habits, does she make them stay on the learning curve to keep up with her?
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They know more tricks than she does. But she might occasionally pay them off to not take her home until she's done whatever she was doing.
I think you might want to get a doctor to look at those purple flames in your eyes. I don't think eyes are supposed to do that.
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It's a fairly normal condition for cartoon characters, actually. A bucket of water over the head is the usual treatment.
Sirocco has started worrying me for some reason.  I'm not sure why, but I think she might be up to something.

I'm also slightly surprised that Stagelight wants to go out shopping during this potentially dangerous period.
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Ah, when somepony asks that question. It will actually be in fact somepony disguised. Also known as skrull joke.
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Not a trope I've seen invoked all that often, when I try to think about it. I can think of one example where the one who said the line was the one in disguise...
Actually, I've been paying attention to her since the "Excuse me, I have to powder my nose" line. Only imposters ever use that line.

She's just fitting in too well :).
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She wasn't an imposter THEN :p
Yea, exactly. On the re-read, knowing what to look for, I can see it.
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Very nicely done here, keep up the great work.
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The sacrifices we make for couture...
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As would Pinkie say Sirocco, don't be a sourpuss... :XD:
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