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The Pone Wars 2.10: Big Canna Worms

Sorry for the delay - it's taken more than a week just to do layout on one page, since I have no time to work on it.  But I haven't forgotten y'all :)

On the Clone Wars cartoon, despite being nominally pacifistic, the Mandalorians have a lot of military academies and well-armed guards who don't seem to have a problem with shooting people (not to mention an armed and dangerous Action Duchess), which leads me to suspect that they have a somewhat loose interpretation of the concept of pacifism.  'Space Switzerland' is probably closer to the mark.

Ginger Snap actually has very little offensive capability as it is - on normal setting, her horn beam is kind of like getting punched in the nose by someone who doesn't exercise.  She acts a lot tougher than she really is.

For some reason, Old Fettlock is one of my favorite villainous types in this story (he's so cool :P ) - I may bring him back in a further state of decay at some point, if I can find an opportunity.

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Trope me.
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Would you realize that I'm only now noticing that her horn and her colored lock of hair line up?
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I don't think that's intentional except insofar as it didn't look balanced otherwise.
In all seriousness, why not just say "I'll instruct my mom that this was the price of my release, and that I've obligated House Moon to do this. She might punish me, but she will keep the House's word".

I think that would put the Baroness in a "I'm proud of my child for growing up, but I'm going to teach her a lesson in how to negotiate better" mood. Kinda like Klauss in regards to Gil.

(Girl Genius reference)
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Because Cloudsdale's nobles are known as a herd of backstabbers who can find legal ways to weasel out of any agreement that doesn't suit them, probably. An aristocrat's word is only worth the bit value of the air used to speak it.

As evidenced by the fact that they threw their own literal status symbol under a bus to save their own bottom lines.
Ahh. The old Noble's less obliqu'd :-)

(less obligated).
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i always assumed all the military left over in the cartoon were remnants of them slowly demilitarizing even though that's dumb. 
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I prefer to think of it as "we won't start the fight, but you better believe we'll finish it" :)
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Writing characters with accents is really funny!
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Personally I think it's a pain.  The sheer number of times I had to go back and fix Applejack's lines because I'd carelessly left an 'and' or a 'the' in...
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Which is why I say the dialogue outlaid as I write them. So that I know.
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This is quite interesting, very nicely done.
Clearly the moral is to never entertain negotiations with any member of House Moon. They're all out to screw you.
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Well, they're both Space Ford and Space Wal-Mart. This is to be expected.
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Why, thank you :)
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Your welcome and I hope you watch me i make comics too
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"Space Switzerland." I like that. That's probably the most effective method of pacifism anyway. "Walk softly and carry a big stick."
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Of course, you do have to be willing to use that big stick if necessary...
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At least Moon Moth bought some time. :XD:
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Enough time to pad this issue out to 13 pages, to be precise :P

I'm not generally a fan of the 'failed escape attempt' plot device - anyone who's watched the entire Pertwee era of Doctor Who will know it gets pretty tiresome after a while.
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