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The Pone Wars 1.7: Spare Change

Continuing my long tradition of saving characters who get unceremoniously killed off in the movies...

Whenever possible, I prefer to use original concept art for building backgrounds - it tends to be a lot more fantastical-looking than what ended up in the movie, not to mention that it's less detailed so I don't have to make nearly as many decisions about what to simplify.  The alleyway comes from an old McQuarrie sketch of Coruscant (back when it was still called 'Imperial Center') and the rest of the scene comes from concepts from the cancelled game about the Coruscant underworld.

I had to rewrite a line on this page because I'd previously written in a reference to a plot twist that I ended up not using (and, for that matter, can't even remember thinking up, so I didn't even know what the line meant anymore).  I suppose there are downsides to being spontaneous.

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Star Mares: The Pone Wars - First Page
Star Mares: The Original Series - First Page

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I would like to think that having 4 ponies, two of which are high ranking body guards, telling Twilight/Applejack/Pinkie that Rainbow Dash's Fan Club is being framed would be enough to count for something.

The big surprise? Weiss and Stage seem less prepared for battle than Moth and Song.
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A little later, you'll discover why they aren't exactly credible witnesses.
What's with the "nothing here" neon sign?
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This area has been abandoned for years, but there's still electricity, so pranksters play with the signs.
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Wow this is getting really good, really loving this whole comic, keep up the great work.
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Ah, anti-regeneration. Well more of slowing down. also you think that metamorphasizng would've change them by now. quote the classic:"a leopard never changes it's spots".
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Ponies, like humans, often make the mistake of equating 'pretty' and 'good'.
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Which anime is this?
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For some reason, 'Arc the Lad' is the first to come to mind.
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Is it a good anime?
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I'm not the person to ask. I frequently enjoy things that the general public believes are worthless, like the Hobbit films and Windows 8.
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I liked the hobbit movies, they were a very well made movies with a very good plot...i still secretely have a crush on Gandalf...i dont rememver using Windows 8 tho
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Engineer IconI think they could use more gun... :XD: 
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Or at least one that can be used at close range.
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Oh hell! Maxilla lived! That's a nice twist.

I always thought it was stupid how in the movie Jango just kills Zam for failing instead of the Jedi or going after Padme while the Jedi are distracted. The only justification for Zam's death I could find that made sense was that the real plan was to lead the Jedi to Kamino so that's why he used that dart.
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That WAS the real plan. It was an utterly transparent attempt to start a war, and the Jedi somehow failed to be suspicious of this convenient clone army bring offered to them right when they needed an army, the template of which also is clearly working for the guy the army is supposed to fight against.
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The Jedi had their collective hands firmly on the Idiot Ball throughout the Prequels, and the background materials and EU made it worse. I'm glad that nonsense got broomed by Disney. 
Yeah I always thought the Jedi were so stupid not to realize something was up, "Hey! Let's use this army cloned from the guy who tried to kill Padme! I'm sure nothing bad will happen!"
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