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The Pone Wars 1.6: A Round for the House

This page took a really long time because of all the backgrounds, which I made fairly detailed and then made them too small to see or stuck random silhouettes in front of them.  Fortunately, I was able to reuse some of them for my game book, but it's still irksome to spend so long on scenery and then not be able to see it.

This scenario actually makes far more sense than the movie does, because Zam ought to have been focused on dealing with Anakin rather than Obi-wan (given that he was the one clinging to her speeder) and they both look pretty conspicuous in that crowd - but here, Skywishes can legitimately fit right in to a meeting of the Rainbow Dash Fan Club, whereas Twilight sticks out like a sore pinion, so it makes sense that Maxilla would go after her first.  It's fortunate that Twilight has never been one to pull her punches on the show--sometimes she's downright trigger-happy--so it's not out of character for her to blast somechangeling's foreleg off given enough provocation.

The line about death sticks is my favorite part of the entire movie, so I had to put it in :)

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Star Mares: The Pone Wars - First Page
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"Mom wouldn't use a bomb, she'd use poison". Said like someone that has seen her mom do exactly that. Moon Moth is growing up with "We have money, rules don't apply to us", and the idea of offing your enemies as normal.

Just to let you know, I called the Darths and Droids character "Moon Mothra", by accident, and DMM had to ask if that was an intentional misspelling or not.

Since you put so much work into the backgrounds, do you have images of just them, so we can appreciate them better?

So if I understand the blocking/pacing here, Moon Moth and Sirocco Song are here by accident. Edleweiss and Stagelight are bodyguards / assistants for Twilight / Princess Flury, so their getting into the action (despite bedrest orders :-) is understandable; Moth and Song are at least known to everyone, even if "Why are you two here?" should be at least on people's minds, especially if there's no good reason for them to be at the scene of an assassin, with the idea that Moth might be gathering information for her mother even if she's just an innocent child being used by her mom.
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Moth and Sirocco are there on purpose - it's everyone else who's there by accident :) Moth is the treasurer of the RDFC, so chances are good she indirectly owns the club.
So, in the last panel, after Twilight and Skywishes take off to go after the apparent assassin, why are Edleweiss and Stagelight left behind with the RDFC goons?
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Nopony else knows they're there.
Too many cooks spoil the chase.
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If I was that changeling I'd be ,ad if I was shot at too... :XD:
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That was great and you fit in the Death sticks part, very nicely done.
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should be the one who sold out our little dashie
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Not in a Yorkshire accent.
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ok and nice touch using 1138 a reference to lucas's first film thx 1138 a joke that's been used in the star wars films
What did Maxilla say before she died?
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"He shot me! Sleemo!"
Also, did her clothes disappear along with her pony disguise? I noticed she wasn't wearing her helmet when she said "He shot me! Sleemo!"
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Changeling disguises are part biology, part magic.  Clothes (if required) are part of the shapeshift.
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Could be a vaporizer gun.
It was a dart though, unless it melted Maxilla's body. Then again, someone probably just took the corpse.
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Considering what happened in the Mos Eisley Cantina, it was probably the bartender that took it.
Maxilla got blasted out of the bar and was interrogated outside though.
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I was just making a silly reference to Greedo's ultimate fate in the Star Wars Extended Universe. I don't really think some random bar on Coruscant is quite that seedy.

Anywho, the next page shows she actually just slipped away.
I wouldn't be surprised if a bar was that seedy. Heh
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