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The Pone Wars 1.11: Lead a Horse to Water

By ChrisTheS
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The natural choice to replace the Jedi Temple was the rebuilt Castle of the Two Sisters (now "Princess Luna's Academy for the Gifted (Unicorns, Etc.), Integrated Studies").  I even filled out the wall banners with the cutie marks of princesses current and past - most of which you can't see because the ceiling is too high for the frame.  I was going to add a few more princesses as well (including some of the ones of later generations), but the scene was already crowded enough.

As you can see, the castle is quite a bit more elevated than it used to be, and also is surrounded by city instead of forest.  You may be wondering about what happened to the Everfree Forest when Canterlot expanded to cover the planet's entire surface - the fact is, nopony knows.  One dark night it just uprooted itself and vanished completely into thin air.  Some scholars worry that it just went underground, or into another dimension -- and that someday it may come back, and woe betide the buildings in the way, not to mention the ponies living in them...

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Trope me.
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11 Ponies. Lets see:

6 Element Bearers
Cadence, Shining Armor
Flurry heart, Celestia, Luna

That would make 11. Is that the correct list?
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
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Extra irony this page has now, mmmm.
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I guess this time, that quote is actually referring to Twilight herself.
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//(now "Princess Luna's Academy for the Gifted (Unicorns, Etc.), Integrated Studies").
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I wouldn't worry too much about the forest coming back unannounced; if it didn't like the gentrification of the neighborhood when it left, there's really no reason for it to change its mind and come back.
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Moondancer and Trixie. Two we know don't survive the war to come... (thanks Fluttershy :P)
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Not necessarily a foregone conclusion, although they definitely aren't princesses anymore...
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It seems that twilight's friends and rivals have become princesses.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
The first few years were basically 'OK, we're kinda desperate,' so anypony who they thought might be loosely qualified got a trial run if they wanted one.  (Though to be perfectly honest, Trixie became one mainly because I noticed that my comics only got posted at EqD when Calpain was doing the updates, so I hoped that the other guy--the webmaster--would start posting my updates if I did something with his favorite character.  Didn't work :( ).

Thankfully, the 'bottling up your anger' episode gave me a very good excuse for why Trixie ends up as Cadance's student instead of Starlight's (in the I-really-don't-know-how-likely event that Starlight ends up following in Twilight's horseshoes during the run of the show).
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i believe his name is seth
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Oh this is getting quite interesting, keep up the great work. Loving the comic.
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Looks like Moon Moth isn't taking this laying down... :XD:
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Twilight needs a mirror in that last panel.  I'm also wondering a bit if Sirocco is in on the conspiracy.

.....As for the Everfree Forest, did it move to one of the moons of Reindor?  Or do we still not know where it went?
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>  I'm also wondering a bit if Sirocco is in on the conspiracy.

Body language in panels 3 and 7, plus last page's "I need to go to the filly's room" right as the big news drops equals standard movie callout to "I'm with the big bad".

Edelweiss, Stagelight, Sirocco Song, Moon Moth -- that's only 4 background ponies so far, right?
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Given that time is weird between this dimension and the EG one, I'm going to say that it slipped through a time crack and ended up in the Legend of Everfree.
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I can see where Twilight's coming from, trusting Applejack like that. She's only had centuries of Applejack being reliably honest as her precedent. That would tend, I daresay, to make even those who should know better a bit too willing to take AJ's word for things.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
The downside is that one tends to interpret "Ah don't remember what happened, but ah reckon it couldn't be anythin' but" as positive proof rather than conjecture.
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Nice comic bro
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TheOHareDeliveryGuyProfessional Artist
Turkey Sandwich
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That's a little messed up, the EFF and all, it's like Fangorn Forest just up and walking off to go do battle with... oh.

Ah yes, the classic "blind and not listening" thing. It's times like these that I really despise, makes me want to hit someone when the only reason why they don't see something is because they don't want to.

What's the point of researching, seeing multiple sides, doing all the work and effort to create an argument with even a glimmer of a valid point if it's going to be met with blindness and wilful ignorance?
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
The nice thing about making stuff up as I go along is that when I completely forget about something important, I get to make up something cool to fix it :)  And it just so happens that one version of Coruscant has an inexplicable alien forest in its future...

To be fair to Twilight, it's been 50 years and multiple generations of the Rainbow Dash Fan Club.  She's heard a lot of whackjob conspiracy theories that supposedly exonerate Rainbow (alas, her particular blind spot regarding Princess Celestia prevents her from even considering the one conspiracy theory that's actually true).
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