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The Pone Wars 1.10: Party Animals

I've always thought the Coruscant diner scene felt like it belonged in a different (possibly much more interesting) movie.  The character of Dexter Jettster reminded me strongly of both Doughnut Joe and Daring Do, so I decided that 'Doughnut Dex' would have them both as ancestors (not necessarily at the same time, mind you).  And of course, Twilight herself (and her castle library) was the only suitable replacement for Jocasta Nu.

"Flurry Heart's" party dress is based on Padme's purple velvet senate gown.  The party originally had more panels and a lot more of Edelweiss criticizing Pinkie's rather juvenile party design preferences (Pinkie, of course, being totally oblivious to it all) as a means of reminding everyone that yes, in fact, she is a party pony herself, but I (a) ran out of room to fit everything and (b) didn't like how negative-nancy it made her sound.  I decided to make Stagelight actually enjoy herself as well because she so rarely gets the opportunity.

Guest appearances by Lily Blossom (:iconazure-quill-arts:), Minty Belle (:iconmintybelle2:), and Spacey (:icondjspacer:), who I must apologize to because I mislead them into thinking that these guest appearances were for the RPG conversion book, due to not wanting to reveal what I was actually working on at the time.

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Really enjoying this, tho I'm having a little trouble keeping track of who's who. Probably a combination of not being as well versed in the prequels (only seen them a couple times each, and they don't make a great impression) and almost NO familiarity at all with anything outside the movies. Maybe a simple bio page with just a pic of each of the main players (outside the Mane 6), name, and a line or two about how they fit in? Nothing too in-depth, just a quickie reference sheet sorta.

"You know you gotta vote but don't know what the vote's about" seems to describe way too many actual US voters. :-P

Thanks for the great work!
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I'll update the tropes page character sheet when I get a moment.
*writes on Pinkies face*
Clearly that's not actually true, unless space around there is prone to inexplicable gravity from things that don't exist.
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It's the Ponyverse. That WOULD be a perfectly rational explanation.
How do they know that it's not just a black hole, that sucks in all the plot logic and emits semi-random idiot radiation?

Wait, that explains everything :-)
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Hey its me!~ xD Thanks bunches for including me in this comic :happybounce:  And no apology needed, keep up the great work! It looks like you put alot of work into each scene. Can't wait where the comic will go in the next scene. Thanks again Huggle! 
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well pinkie DID befriend the yaks so their relations are good.
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The yak is the only senator there who's actually enjoying himself.
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This is getting quite interesting keep up the great work.
What aura is Stagelight talking about?
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The glow around her horn while she maintains the illusion spell. She has to constantly adjust it so that Edelweiss doesn't look like a mannequin or a wax figure, but having the blue glowies all the time would be a bit of a giveaway.
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I love that "tech support" line. It makes sense but is also a good break from the "movie reference" lines, which this comic is very rich with. Not that they are a bad thing, I'm just saying that it is.
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I'm somewhat limited in my ability to quote this movie - unlike the others, I don't have every line memorized, and the only script I have available is a draft which actually has very few of the lines I really want to quote (for instance, the entire Dooku/Obi-wan scene is missing and I had to turn to YouTube to transcribe it). On the other hand, it (and the other scripts from that site) also has a bunch of scenes that didn't make it into the film, which had been helpful for certain scenes.
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Seriously, the Snark is strong with Skywishes.
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Skywishes isn't on this page... she's currently on a refugee ship to Halteraan making awkward small talk with the real Flurry Heart.
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Wait, so who is the purplish one thats being snarky with Twilight?
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That's Sirocco Song, who is light pink and blue and has freakishly wavy hair. Skywishes is dark pink and purple and has a Dash 'do.
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