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The Great Hyperspace Friendship Problem, Part 4

By ChrisTheS
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Aaack! We're up to page four already and I've still got so much to do for the next issue! *frantic sobbing commences*

On this page I aged up Spike to approximately what he should be at this point in the timeline, which has nothing at all to do with the FiD storyline, but I wanted to remain consistent within my own continuity. Similarly, Twilight's cutie mark stars are all white and Rainbow still has both wings, despite the metal wing looking the other 80% cooler.

Panel 3 is the only time I've ever actually used a screenshot in a comic, and even then, I put my own Discord and Spike over top of it. If I'd had more time I'd probably have duplicated the elements, but I didn't have time and didn't really want to for just one panel.

This is the same dragon that chased the Millennium Phoenix out of the asteroid, and is also the same as the one from 'Dragonshy'. Poor guy's been trying to take a nap for centuries and stupid ponies keep interrupting him.

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Ahh yes. It's a maxi-figure :-)

I've seen some pretty large dragon miniatures.
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Lol, so the PvP was not fun as I figured, still really loving the comic.
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Personally, I find it very amusing that the ... I-don't-know-her-job-before-cum-pilot Wind Whistler of Star Mares is descended from a space pirate of all things.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
How is that all that different from having been descended from Rainbow Dash? :P
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Either RD gets a special dialogue box or there's some inception going on here.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
FiD format: GM talks in squares, everyone else talks in bubbles.

We hates it, precious. So hard to fits the textses in. There's a reason all my dialogue is in oblongs.
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