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The Great Hyperspace Friendship Problem, Part 2

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Page two. This crossover took nearly three weeks to draw for a variety of reasons, most of which were related my favorite thing, ship design. All four ships that appear in this sequence (the fourth will be seen in the next page) were taken from the Tales of the Jedi comics, and for some reason turning comics art into MLP-style vectors is waaaaaay harder than doing it with photos.  The same applies to the tentacle-faced monstrosities.

TotJ is my favorite of the Dark Horse comics run because of its planetary fantasy aesthetic, making the Old Republic era feel a lot more baroque than most later renditions (which basically feel the same as regular Star Wars with different helmet designs).  This possibly makes it the first example of Star Wars being adaptable to other genres, decades before they tried doing the same on film :)

I now feel bad for not making a 'Dark Horse' joke in the actual comic.  But I already used that for 'Dark Forces', and I don't want to repeat myself :P

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So orange is Applejack's, Pink is you know, Pinkie's, grayish purple is Rarity's, lavender is Twilight's, light blue is Rainbow Dash's and I assume pink and yellow is Fluttershy's, so who's the seventh with the black and yellow speech bubble?
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Black and Yellow is their Dungeon Master in the Friendship is Dragons campaign. Primarily Spike and Celestia as far as in-character re-occurring NPCs.
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Maybe the latter, she had some yellow sunshine to her.
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ChrisTheSProfessional Digital Artist
Spike is nominally Twilight's familiar in FiD, but he gets coopted as the GM's speaking box most of the time. Celestia kind of got phased out as a GM avatar a while back. It causes no end of confusion because while we can generally agree that all the players are women, with the GM it could go either way sometimes.
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Ah, thanks for clarifying.
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That was great, nicely done there.
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