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Star Mares: Tales from Jabba's Doghouse #1

The first strip is sliiiightly inspired by Wraith Squadron (which has a gamorrean member with a voice synthesizer and is quite philosophical and erudite), while the second pays homage to a minor running gag from Star Trek.

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Trope me.
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Dog: "Maybe not be bore if talk less fancy."
Scotty approves, although you should really say its from Star Trek TNG for all the nitpickers our there. :)
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It's in both TOS and TNG. And may have been in a movie as well, I forget.
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Something green? More likely than not it's not safe to consume... :XD:
ChrisTheS's avatar
So are more than half the things that dogs gleefully ingest without a care in the world...
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I'm more surprised more of them didn't cark it sooner... :XD:
I just marathoned this whole series in one night.  All I can say is it's freaking awesome!  Keep up the good work!  Moontear is probably my favorite so far and I love the subtle twists you've done to tell the same story but with different characters from a different perspective.  A refreshing change.
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It's probably not healthy to do it all at once :p Even I have trouble with that now...
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Ah yes. The mysterious green drink.…; * raises a glass in memory of James Doohan. *
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translation for the bunnybot?
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I forget the specifics, but he's pointing out that of COURSE alcohol is poisonous.
ShyGuy1231's avatar's alcohol. ok. Thank you.
For posterity's sake and my own amusement:

"Booze, ya dumb bucket of bolts."
"It's perfectly safe, if you use it as engine cleaner."
"It's fragging alcohol! Of course it's fragging poisonous that's the whole fragging point!"
"Oh, well spotted. I'm soooo impressed."
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Thank you very much for the translation.
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*reads strips*

*reads description*

HAH! I KNEW that that "It's.... Green." joke was from StarTrek.. :D

Scotty <3
It doesn't matter what galaxy you're in; sentient beings like poisoning themselves slightly.
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I loved the Wraith Squadron books. There were entertaining as all get out.
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