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Star Mares Special #1: Dawn of the Alicorns

For our first special issue, we go back 1100 years to the very beginning of Equestria's space age.  While conceptually inspired by the Ostrander/Duursema 'Dawn of the Jedi' comic series, it actually hasn't got much (if anything) in common with that story, and far more in common with a certain classic Star Trek episode.

A lot of the background notes I have for this series are predicated on one shot from 'Luna Eclipsed' - the existence of astronaut Nightmare Night costumes necessarily assumes the existence of astronauts, which means that Equestria already has some sort of space program even at the time of the series.  So the quick transformation from a largely agrarian, quasi-renaissance culture to a high-tech space colonist one is not actually that much of a stretch.

As for the characters - of all the unicorns we've seen on the series, Trixie is the only one I can actually envision wanting to be a princess (apart from Sunset Shimmer, but as far as I'm concerned she already is one).  I chose to make her Cadance's padawan because it was funny (and because Cadance's hair is a lot easier to deal with than Twilight's).

This interlude is only 12 pages (well, 14 with this cover and the credits), so don't worry, the regular cast (most of it at least) will be back soon :)

UPDATE: Fixed the tinting on Cadance's wings.

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What’s the name of this plane
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Fillium (Ilum in SW).

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That's a funny time change. In the Legends universe, interstellar travel have been a thing since the fall of the Rakata, 25 000 years ago, while here, that's less than a twentieth. (Yeah, I know there were isolated cases of interstellar travel in still-advanced races before and under the Rakata)
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What's especially interesting/disappointing is that the only time they ever made an effort to differentiate the space travel technology of the past from the 'modern' era was with the Tales of the Jedi series, with its age of sail and planetary romance genre influences.  It's one of the more jarring things about Knights of the Old Republic, and something I've tried to steer clear of when depicting the past; for most of its history the Equestrian Empire actually looks steampunk or dieselpunk, and only starts to really look like the more familiar Star Wars around 300 years before the 'present'.
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So the Alicorns are the equivalent to the Jedi?
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Cadance's hair is a lot easier to deal with than Twilight's? Funny, Twilight's hair actually seems simpler to me. :) :P
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Twilight's has way more layers because of the way it parts around her horn, whereas the most complicated part of Cadance's is making sure that the two parts of the forelock line up.
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Ok I have to say this sounds very cool. I think I will finally put you on a watch since I have finally got caught up sort of, that and this is a start of a new series so I can get everything from the beginning as well. Keep up the wonderful work.
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I'll do my best :)
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You bring my star back here right now! Or I'll sic the hospital ponies on ya.
Naw, dawg! Yall niggas in MAH hood now! Yaboi!
I'd imagine that an open call for princess candidates is a lot of work to manage. Even in the best case, there's going to be unpleasant number of applicants who feel they were unfairly rejected, and it would only be worse if the process isn't carefully regulated and documented.
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And this is why Cadance is doing the teaching, and Twilight is doing the paperwork :p
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Aren'tcha gonna do that Star Wars intro with the blue text through space?
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wait a minute...

Cadance is Liam Neeson?!
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Where are you getting that from??

I mean... I suppose she could be... since Twilight is Obi-wan, and Celestia just taught Twilight magic, she actually learned princessing from Cadance...
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That's so cool!
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Looks much better without the text in the way :)
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