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Star Mares S2.7: Wreckage

In the movie, Johnnie Gray uses a variety of vehicles to chase after the stolen train, including a handcart, a bicycle, and another train.  Here we have a jet scooter, a speeder, and a troop transport instead.

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Trope me.
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One can't help but worry about the fact that this pony's job is to drive a garbage truck with one segment that apparently carries biohazards.
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This is the same government that won't install safety rails in the weird gravity section of a space station because there's no room in the budget.
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Do not let her get her hoofs on a star cruiser
SerpensVolucer's avatar
The Bonk Pony's First Recorded Bonk.
(Unless there was one earlier in the special and I just didn't notice it?)
ChrisTheS's avatar
Technically she was hit by a horseshoe earlier, but she had a banana peel over her face instead of seeing stars after that one.
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Very cool, nicely done.
Oh naw, gurl. It's too late. Dem sandwiches is gone.... >8)
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her medical bills must be through the roof
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The other advantage to joining the navy - they've got a great insurance plan.
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cant imagine the bean counters being to happy with her though XD
ChrisTheS's avatar
Compared to the cost of paint for a Star Destroyer? Drop in the bucket.
Aprion's avatar
did they even bother painting the thing? most of the walls are metallic grey after all.
ChrisTheS's avatar
Star Destroyers are painted matte white (you can actually see it better in the Rogue One trailer).  The paint job for each one costs more than the GDP of several small countries.
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dang... enough paint to cover a small moon... they must have drained an ocean to make that much.
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Wow, that pony is a "clonk on the head" magnet... :XD:
An old friend of mine created a character who's name meant "An Unfortunate Victim of Circumstance". This pony, and her sister, are very much the same thing.
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Not so much "circumstance" as "the whims of a capricious puppetmaster who uses the suffering of fictional characters to entertain the masses." I've always been pretty transparent about the postmodernism in this comic :)
You're assuming that fate doesn't do that in the "real world."
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I'm being charitable to the universe.  For one thing, I would much rather believe that a Donald Trump presidency is NOT part of someone's celestial RPG scenario.
I was more thinking of the old adage of "It never rains, but it pours." People that have one unlucky thing after another.
That or destiny sponges, like Aaron Williams' Nodwick.
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