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Star Mares S2.2: Unfit for Duty

The downside of sepia, unfortunately, is that it's very difficult to tell Redshift and Blueshift apart.  I've made Blueshift darker to make it a bit easier (also, Redshift is the one who usually looks more amiable/pathetic).  Later on they'll be wearing different uniforms, so it'll be a bit easier.

You'll recall that Redshift originally joined up because she wanted to see the stars (up close, that is, given that her garbage train can go orbital).

Panel 2: This icon was what the largest number of Google Images results recommended for 'occupation'.  I'm not sold on it myself but I couldn't think of anything better.

Panel 3: "Don't enlist her. She is more valuable to the Empire as a sanitation engineer."

Panel 4: Not for the first time in this comic, 'yellow' takes on its traditional symbolism as the color of cowardice.

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Trope me.
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What are you, colorblind? Although I suppose her mane and tail are more or less yellow . . .
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O_o..... ah got nothin.
I was confused until I read those "subtitles" ... I think we'll figure out this language eventually.   XD
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It's only twelve pages, so 'eventually' had better be quick :p
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Propaganda never looked so tempting.
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You leave her alone cherry punch. It's not like you are a perfect pony. 
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what does it say on the poster with dark feather?
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Some parts are hidden. See the stars! The empire wants you! Join the imperial forces and defend equestria! From traitors and a-. Apply at your local recruiting office. It's a- life in the
modern navy.
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Very interesting, looking forward to the next page.
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