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Star Mares S1.5: Lights, Camera, Action

This is the single most time-consuming (and memory-intensive) set that I've ever done - so much so of the latter that instead of keeping it as a vector background like I usually do, I had to export it as a bitmap, because just one copy of it on the page made even my Surface chug alarmingly.

The gem critter went through a number of iterations, the earliest versions having been vetoed by my test audience (the immediate family) for looking too Disney.

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Trope me.
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I imagine Trixie's scream here sounds about like this.
This guy does not appreciate you dropping in unannounced.
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This is so cool. So living gems interesting. I'm assuming this is how light-sabers came out in your world? Still really liking the comic looking forward to the next page, and of course when those kooky background mares come back after this comic.
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The Gem can talk...
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I wonder if those blue and green crystal are akin to lightsaber crystals, and they are what the prosthetic horns are made from. 
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Well, if any Old Republic players have recognized what planet I took the reference images from...
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I have yet to find a suitable horse pun to rename it :(
RDkinght's avatar
This takes a whole different meaning for the term carbon life form.
OriginalPiMan's avatar
To ruin the joke: Most gems are not made of carbon. Rubies, for example, are made of aluminium oxide with traces of chromium.
Patronum2000's avatar
OMYGREATNESS! Stages and spotlights!
and a harry potter reference too.
Reshiram95's avatar
trixie  face  is the pose vector you came up with ^_^
ChrisTheS's avatar
It's yoinked from Pinkie's breakdown at the end of 'Baby Cakes'.  I've used it before, mostly for Maple Leaf.
Reshiram95's avatar
aww yeah i saw that ^^
Jmaster99's avatar
Trixes face in the last panel. May we get a vector of it someday?
ChrisTheS's avatar
I might release the parts sheet I've built someday - I've used this one a few times, so it's on there.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Oh no! It's that cursed gem! But it's literally living? Revenge!
Isenlyn's avatar
Not much to say here.
Maybe just a Harry Poter ref...
Well, sometime the story have to go forward. ^^
Mango7889's avatar
If I picked up a gem and it spoke to me I'd through clear across the room and seek phsycoligical help XD. So is the plant surface just a shell of sorts for all the gem filled caverns?
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